Francisco Jn Pierre: I’m ready to serve

Francisco Jn Pierre: I’m ready to serve
UWP candidate for Laboire Francisco Jn Pierre
UWP candidate for Laboire Francisco Jn Pierre
UWP candidate for Laboire Francisco Jn Pierre

Recently-selected United Workers Party (UWP) candidate for Laborie, Francisco Jn Pierre, said he plans to provide strong leadership to the constituency if elected Member of Parliament (MP).

He is focused on helping to address the unemployment issue and to revitalize the agriculture sector, particularly the banana industry that was once fruitful in that constituency.

Jn Pierre told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in an exclusive interview on Tuesday, December 15 that he is prepared to do what it takes to ensure that Laborie receives proper representation.

“I am elated and thankful for the confidence the people have put in me to represent them at the next general elections under a United Workers Party (UWP) ticket. I’m ready to serve,” he told SNO.

The former Southern Taxi Association president said he is no stranger to the community and community work on the whole, and understands the issues facing the people there.

Jn Pierre said it was found that most persons operating in the banana industry have been displaced, and Laborie which is an agriculture-based community, has also been affected by this.

He said, “I would love to see myself creating an avenue where I could get people re-engaged in agriculture and I know the people can produce whatever is needed.”

The UWP candidate maintains that the banana industry remains a very important sector in the local economy and is no doubt the most popular fruit in the world.

Jn Pierre said though the income generated from the industry has been insignificant compared to previous years, he still has a lot of faith that it could be expanded and maintained.

“I think there is still an opportunity even within the region, where we can produce bananas. Here in Saint Lucia we could move to process bananas for export in different commodities,” he opined.

Shifting his attention to unemployment, Jn Pierre is convinced that more could be done to address the issue, but said it will take a lot of hard work before this is achieved.

He believes that youth unemployment must take priority and the government should work more closely with the private sector and other agencies to look at more modern and comprehensive policies to address the problem.

Jn Pierre said another way of addressing unemployment is by investing more in sport. He believes more needs to be done to produce more international athletes.

“Once upon a time we were the best in Saint Lucia. We have produced one of the best cricketers in the world, Desmond Collymore. We need to do whatever is necessary to get back on top,” he added.

The UWP candidate said despite the fact that his community – Banse- does not have a proper playing field, it has managed to produce cricketers of the highest caliber to represent Saint Lucia.

“Darren Sammy, Levern Spencer have shown us that it could be done at the international level,” he stated.

Jn Pierre joined the UWP in August of this year. Before that he was a member of the SLP since 1987 and was active in several political campaigns, particularly those in 1992 and 1997.

He is the father of Press Secretary to the Prime Minister, Jadia Jn Pierre-Emmanuel.


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  1. All of yall are singing for y'all supper including your new found disgruntled supporters slash contractors. When yall eh get it y'all jumping ship. However when yall get supper is y'all pockets alone yall fulling to live "big shot" lives. Don't come near with yall sad stories or ask me to vote for you. Damn oppressors!


  2. Let's look at the development of laborie, everything that has happened interms of developing the place and its ppl have been done by laborians. No help from the slp but you can send any one as a slp and bam they will vote for that person. They have always been like that. Those same persons will complain about alva but will vote him. They have not seen him in for year he is the most unpopular person in the village of laborie but they will vote for him. He treats them like crap but they will vote for him. I say thanks everyday for the day i left laborie and it backward thinking people. They ppl that have the influence in laborie all their kids have gone to university and the fools following them. Open your eyes look around and tell me what have you gotten for your loyalties for all i see is a sad place when i come to spend time with my family


  3. The slp ppl are just like trump. They think slu belong to them alone. Just like he think the us is his. Well everyone has a choice and like i said before laborians one day will realise that louisy did nothing for them. The only time they had good representation was when the slp cross the floor and that nonsense about the republic of laborie my ass. Why try to make it something and they dont give a dam about it. They like abused relationship they staying in it even if they are abuse. The most backward place but the most loyal to the slp. Smfh.


  4. kenny has to go no matter what but we cant put back person worst than kenny to me both the uwp and slp needs to go. Young people must stand and take the country back. Take a look at the Arab Spring refers to the democratic uprisings that arose independently and spread across the Arab world in 2011. The movement originated in Tunisia in December 2010 and quickly took hold in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.this is whats needed in the caribbean but it must start here the old dictators must go and young people must come together and change they counties


  5. The bottom line is that kenney and his gang of bluffers has to go.St judes hospital got burn during the time of King,u will be on your fifth yeat in Goverment the hospital cannot open yet.The national hospital in castries the same,it started during the time of King,it cannot get completed after your fourth year in government.Ok what u have done for people to vote u back in power.KENNY AND HIS GANG OF BLUFFERS is an embaressment to Lucian both at home and abroad.


    • Mate belongs to the SLP shoot shate club. SLP is a party run by idiots, for idiots, and made up of very qualified idiots.


  6. jn Pierre WATCHER TALK MORE BULLSHIT THAN THAT.He had to run back to the only thing he knows "butchering" Karl went back playing de pigazzzz and falling down headlong from de political platform of de uwp, back in the arms of de PWEZIDAN of the people republic of Labourie for his supper.
    Remember you have to wake up from those bad dreams you allowed yourself.
    on other thoughts go there are plenty more room for the uwppppp political casualties come next general elicitation.


    • It is ill principled, half educated parasites and low lives like you that makes politics so nasty and then we blame politicians. Before politics Watcha was a very well respected Teacher who helped educate your "coco sek head" children and family members; but all you can do is relegate him to being a Butcher, as if a Butcher is a tainted profession.

      Both Watcha and Karl have always been self-employed and financially independent, who always give back to needy people of the community including some of your relatives whom you have turned your back on.


  7. See the ignorance of ppl. So laborians are bouchay. I am a laborian and the governor general is a loborian. Kenny is a laborian . They are all country bookies. Smh them slp ppl think slu is for them alone.


    • I agree with you. They are ignorant and also boushay. Degrees and titles do not make you knowledgeable nor sophisticated. You can be bette enough to have con-men take millions of dollars from you even when you have plenty law degrees and titles. If degrees are the only thing to judge by, all the hungry lawyers going around the place would be smart superwomen and supermen. They have to trick us to get their daily bread.


  8. Why vote for this joker? You make me sick! He is not even faintly aware that the banana industry is dead. He does not do his homework before he opens his mouth to prove that he has nothing useful to say. There is a new virus working its way towards the islands of the region. We will have to chose a new and more hardy species if we are going to have one plant standing in 5 short years? What we have now is about to go the way of the gros michelle.

    Man do your god damn homework. The world is not that simple any more.

    Next, a real dinosaur with a head full of crap, talks about agriculture. Good Lord, that country bookie man does not read. That man is BOUCHAY! That man is a real country bookie born and raised. He is not aware of what is happening in the world outside of Laborie it is?

    Damn! What a load of tosh! He has not even got in yet. But there he goes shooting pure bar-stool and rum shop shate.


    • What the hell does a taxi driver know about producing something of value based on agriculture, that is enough to raise or support a standard of living above above and beyond the subsistence level? This part of Saint Lucia has an oversupply of square pegs. They all are hell-bent on opportunistically fitting into every available money-making hole. It is a family thing. Who the hell can he serve with those freaking useless ideas but himself and his family? Besides, people with those names have proved time and time again to have very little credibility. Somebody said, so the kiddie, so the goat.


    • yes sir we (lil st.lucie) will survive on borrowing and tourism thanks to the educated/certified idiots that lead us over the precipice of debt and high repayments so that we can fall head first into the arms of the IMF...amen

      hope you can finish this : A country that cannot feed itself .....


      • Who says that we cannot feed ourselves. Look at the crap the politicians feed us on a daily basis. See how we lap this up and come back for second helpings of pure crap. We vote to get our hand me down chicken legs, once every five years. We have never ever had so much better days. Never before have we ever had it so nice!


    • "Jn Pierre said though the income generated from the industry has been insignificant compared to previous years, he still has a lot of faith that it could be expanded and maintained."

      The above was extract from Mr. Pierre statement for the purpose of Martin's comment. His point is quit in order. Now who is the joker?? There are places in the Caribbean where there is a demand for bananas.


    • I sincerely hope you don't ear bananas my dead banana industry. If someone doesn't grow it, how will you get it? Now you want to import bananas to??? Damn jackass!!! You do your research before talking your crap. Agriculture is the future. Check the news. See what's going on in this world and let the country bookie feed you. Cause soon we won't have food if it can't be grown!!!


  9. Just another political opportunist. Know him quite well. Don't be misled by the nice talk, but again the whole bunch are all opportunists!


    • wish I could double like this comment. because its so true, he is only there for what he probably got or has been promised, he failed as the president of the taxi association, now he wants to dig in a deeper coffer.


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