Francis wants La Corbiniere to release forensic lab investigation

Francis wants La Corbiniere to release forensic lab investigation
Hermangild Francis
Hermangild Francis
Hermangild Francis. Photo: UWP

Minister of National Security Victor La Corbiniere is being urged to provide a detail explanation as to what led to the sudden closure of the forensic lab at Tapion, before it is reopened.

United Workers Party (UWP) member, Hermangild Francis, made this remark during an appearance on News Maker Live with Timothy Poleon on Wednesday evening.

Francis said some of the things that happened at the forensic lab, should not have happened and it was an indictment on the part of Lacobiniere to say that he was unaware of what was taking place.

“An important department like the forensic lab, the minister should have had regular visits with the security at the facility to make sure that everything was in order,” he asserted.

The UWP member said the lab was compromised because drugs, particularly cocaine, were removed and replaced with flour at the testing facility.

“An investigation was due and was in progress. That has been completed and the minister is yet to tell the public of the investigation,” Francis opined.

The former Deputy Police Chief said the public should not only be made aware of the investigation, but the minister need to say whether anybody was responsible for the breach in protocol.

“We need to know what happened to employees there, whether anybody is under suspicion. Whether anyone is still employed and if these persons undertook polygraph tests before they were employed. All of these things need to be explained to the public before you even think of reopening the lab.”

Francis said following the closure of the forensic lab, 42 samples were sent for testing in Bermuda. This costed the government over $400,000. DNA and other samples are still being sent for testing overseas.

La Corbiniere had said Cabinet has taken some decisions with regards to the forensic lab, one of which is to allow an independent entity to run the operations.

The closure of the forensic lab has, however, affected the ability of the Police Force to move forward with a number of serious crimes, according to senior police officials.

The lab was reportedly short on material to conduct forensic tests, which initially caused operations to slow down at the facility. It was later shut down and remains closed for several months.


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  1. "Madam Secretary" Hermangild Francis is someone who represents us and also represents you, in case you lack understanding. If you think that you deserve to be a FROG that an old car could just run over and leave you dead with your bloody tongue sticking out, then hold your opinion to yourself.

    I really don't know why people can be so uncaring for their own self and families in order to patronize politicians. Coming to think of it maybe the people like "Madame Secretary" are either lunatics or they are the politicans who make comments on the forum secretly. If that is so it just exposes their cowardice and contempt for the public. Madame Secretary/La Corbiniere since you are here why don't you just answer the questions posed by Hermangild and stop being a coward.


    • He can demand all his answers when his party wins the elections and Chastanet kepts his promise to make him Minister of Justice. Til then he has no authority to question the Minister. Like Richard Frederick said he is a political reject! Rejected by both parties. This speaks volumes!


  2. What a shame in a time when all of these things happening one would think that politicians would have learned from the past... its kinda frustrating to see things are just getting worse and people keep talking talking whilst life keeps happening ... when will St Lucians realized that St Lucia is no longer a baby and she is all grown up now....


  3. The mere fact that the government has been complicit in hiding the truth of this matter from the public speaks volumes about their respect for the electorate. Some of us are privy to the happenings which led to the closure of the lab. Some of us may or may not know that a certain employee who is dating a drug dealer switched the cocaine for flour and gave it to said boyfriend. It is more than that.... Many of us have heard the guys have no respect for us.

    SO yall will feel....we sick of yall.


  4. The lab needs much more than the investigation into its closure. Years before that the lab was dysfunctional with only two services running. That was reduced to one service and finally the last service collapsed causing its total shutdown.

    Previous consultants to the lab warned of its bad management and operation but that was ignored. A full investigation is warranted as to all what was going on for which yax payers received very little.


  5. The people need an account of every dime spent and issues of public interest from those public servants. This election should be about accountability which Jeannine is committed to.


    • he bring the silently kept infos lo light. Why politicians talking and promising transparency but not keeping it?


      • What position does he hold now to be questioning the Minister? NONE. He is already acting on a promise made my Chastanet to make him Minister of Justice. A promise is a comfort to a fool!!


        • to ask for transparency do you need a position ???
          isn't transparency a duty of a minister paid by taxpayers?


          • Tell your party stop living in the past. We want to know what plans they have to make things difference. Not a word not a word.


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