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Francis intends to review local cannabis laws but not “decriminalization or legalization”

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) – On Tuesday, June 19, 2018, Canada officially legalised the recreational use of the drug cannabis and became the first Group of Seven (G7) country to do so. The G7 consists also of France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

In December 2013, Uruguay became the first country to fully legalise the sale and production of marijuana.

In addition, several U.S. states, including California and Colorado, have legalised the drug’s recreational use, and Caribbean countries such as Jamaica and Antigua and Barbuda have taking proactive steps in the decriminalization of the drug.

In Saint Lucia, the Cannabis Movement has been pressing the Allen Chastanet-led government to give their official position on cannabis law reform.

de Caires (left) wants PM Chastanet (right) to make his government’s position clear on cannabis law reform.

Spokesman for the organisation Andre ‘Pancho’ de Caires has expressed concerned that the current administration is sending mixed signals on the issue when they had made reformation of cannabis laws an election campaign promise.

At a late-May press briefing, National Security Minister Hermangild Francis said while he understands de Caires’s concern, the advocate must understand that there is a process.

That process, Francis said, is thorough consultation.

Francis said particularly important is consultation with the Opposition so that a unified decision can be made.

Minister Hermangild Francis

He said: “At the end of the day, we  cannot just do it as a government, we have to get in touch with the people.  I will be speaking to the Hon. Philip Jean-Pierre, the leader of the Opposition, and see where we can come up with a collective decision.  I don’t think it should just be one party to make a decision and then the next party is quarrelling about it.  If we could come together and get a consensus, I think that would be better, so no political party can take any kudos or you want to blame a government for doing this or not. I think it should be a joint partnership.”

Francis added: “I can understand Mr. de Caires, but Mr. de Caires has to understand that there’s a process.  As a matter of fact, I think that later this year, there’s the Head of Government meeting [where the topic] is going to be presented to the prime ministers at that time, so that we can make a decision.”

And what is the security minister’s position on the subject?

He said clearly: “…. I am not going to look at decriminalization or legalization, but I am looking at the legislation in such a way that you can make it a little less onerous on the young people of this country.  So we have alternative sentencing: you are found with a certain quantity, where is for recreational, medicinal, medical, medicine and so on, then you can have that.  So we take the example of Antigua, and I think that’s the way to go.”

Legislation was passed in Antigua and Barbuda (A&B) in April this year, permitting the possession of 15 grammes of cannabis and the growing of four cannabis plants per household. According to the Antigua Observer, it is projected that the A&B government will go to parliament by the end of 2018 to pass laws allowing for the growing, harvesting, processing and sale of medical marijuana.

This moves comes three years after Jamaica passed similar laws.

In February 2015, Jamaica’s legislature voted to amend the nation’s cannabis laws:

* Possession of up to 2 ounces (56.6 grams) is a petty offence, and will not “result in a criminal record”

* Cultivation of five or fewer plants is permitted

* Practitioners of the Rastafari faith may use cannabis for religious purposes

* Tourists with a prescription for medical marijuana may apply for permits to purchase small amounts

* The amendments open the possibility of a licensing authority to deal with cultivation and distribution of medical marijuana

* Jamaica will continue to prosecute traffickers and target the international cannabis trade

(Source: Wikipedia)

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  1. Prohibiting marijuana does not stop or even discourage people from consuming marijuana. Rather, it creates a market for criminals to sell a product that businessmen cannot sell and then enriches the criminals. Wealthy criminals then lead us into corruption and more crime.

  2. Prohibiting marijuana does not stop or even discourage people from consuming marijuana. Rather, it creates a market for criminals to sell a product that businessmen cannot sell and then enriches the criminals. Wealthy criminals then lead us into corruption and more crime.

  3. I wonder if this is cause the number of "blocks" to greatly increase?

  4. Vaughn A R Blanchard

    Folks this is what happens in a society where drugs (pharmakea) is promoted and encouraged. Every society in history that has given over to the usage of drugs has gone downhill. People talk about how good it is economically but that comes at an enormous price that is far worse than the value gained by more money of the relatively few who benefit from (in this case) the legalization of a drug that demoralizes and as scientifically proven also lowers IQ. Wake up America and quit being afraid to do what's right because something's not politically correct! Our country has to come back to the rightly divided Word of God!

  5. 🌍The shitstem is rigged🌋

    Is this a coco makak talk when francis knows considerably philip j p is anti UWP and denounces everything their gov't uptakes...somany other decisions y'all make without SLP approval..why is on the marijuanna topic you choose to compromise?i think it's because you all are doubting this initiative.u guys are just a bunch of puppets and clowns because canada took such far strides u have to flap ur beak looking as dumb and ignorant AF.mind that somany canadian legislative members oppose but they couldn't overcome the majority..philip j p is only a single jackass.

  6. Really need to get those damn dinosaurs from both political parties out , because there thinking still in 1960, bunch of retards..........

    • Well said. Most of them are there since pre and post independence just strangling the country with there old ways and mindset. They all need to retire or die off !

  7. All this is badness. Government has to understand times has changed. Free up the herb in a manner it is controlled. Other islands ripping off the benefits.


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