Police criticized for alleged unlawful search in Marchand

Police criticized for alleged unlawful search in Marchand
St. Lucia police during a patrol. * Photo credit: Telesurv.
St. Lucia police during a patrol. * Photo credit: Telesurv.
St. Lucia police during a patrol. * Photo credit: Telesurv.

Attorney-at-Law, Mary Francis, is urging the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) to ensure that its members perform their duties within the laws and show some respect for citizens.

Francis comment comes in light of a recent alleged illegal police search conducted in the Marchand Boulevard, which members of that community has criticized the police for.

The alleged illegal police searches were conducted by a team of police officer at various homes, as part of investigations into the recent incident involving a Rose Hill resident who was attacked and robbed.

The attorney noted that the police must have in their possession, a search warrant, before they can enter into someone’s home and conduct a search on their premises, which is standard procedure.

She cautioned the Force to ensure that their members do not violate the rights of citizens, but instead work towards fostering greater community relations with members of these communities.

Francis said this recent incident does not auger well for the Force, since the police have already been in hot water for other serious violations over the past few years.

She is hoping that the management of the Force can look into the issue so that it does not occur again.


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  1. It's only with education you can serve and protect the people not with bad mind or brutality!! in this time can't fight fire with fire or it will be more fire!!


  2. They right! Is Dem sutties that breeding those monsters. He who have nothing to hide hides nothing.Disgusting human beings.


  3. We have to understand that society is in a constant changing state. Some of our previous laws that we made and passed served their purpose based on those time. Today society has become much more radical. Thus, we need to pass and enact laws that would address those types of behaviors so that the majority can live some form of normalcy we call life.


  4. All the rape cases that we have...the most recent being at mongiraud ! do these criminals, animal, mules have a warrant to entire the victims property? did they have a warrant to enter the man"s car? oh yes they did I forgot "a block" ....for true they broke a glass..
    ....officer how much more damage did u do to.the person"s damaged house.....


  5. Simply put, we just live in a society which either accepts illegality and has no respect for the rights of the disadvantaged. This type of high-handedness comes across from our political leaders, senior public officials, police, prominent business people etc. This is why the whole of our society accepts the unwritten code that " is either you are a doer or a doee." It seems that we all being victims are subscribing to the notion that you must do because something will be done unto you.

    Take for example the very sensitive and degrading issue of rape. At some point a member of all the elite classes mention above have been accused of rape. What has happen to those accusations or accused? Up to today there has been no movement to either to inquire, discipline or even punish. Instead they have all been exalted or promoted to more prominent positions. What are the prominent women saying about such situation? Nothing. It almost seems as though they are acquiescing. So what do we expect from the lower echelons of society? Well i expect nothing better knowing that they themselves have been socially deprived. Although there is no excuse for crime i despise the social malaise that we are in that when such crimes are committed we refer to the lower classes as "animals" but are quick to defend the higher classes such as the politicians.

    For that we are doomed as a people. A people who love politics and political parties more than themselves.


  6. Where is the proof that the police had no search warrant when they executed this operation? We must be very careful what we say about the police when they execute their duties in an effort to protect the public from those engaged in criminal activities. Mary Francis is unfair in this news item.


    • u idiot
      anyone can say anything about the police. this a free speech country not a communist country. So if any one say anything about the police and it falls in their plat then they just got to defend it and so if they count well its true. OK BIG HEAD .... Mary is doing a very good job for the people of st.lucia .


  7. wow omg look at this and just recently someone said that the marchand boulevard people must have seen or known what the robbers did but when police come and search them they have the most things to say wow and mary francis on top of that giving them more power lol , boy i dont even know what to say


    • fool... police will not search my house unless they have a valid reason. My house is not police house for them to be invited at any time.


    • I suppose you would like having your house ransacked by the police every so often when they're conducting warrantless searches right? Or who knows what can happen during one of these searches? No matter what the situation is,rules are rules and it's what separates us from animals. Wait, even that is being crossed too....


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