Four vehicles damaged in suspected arson

Four vehicles damaged in suspected arson
One of the vehicles on fire this morning.
One of the vehicles on fire this morning.

Four vehicles were damaged by fire in two separate communities early Friday morning.

Firefighters responded to one truck and a road roller on fire at Forestiere, around 3:10 a.m., and another report at Entrepot of two backhoes (mechanical excavators) on fire.

While both fires were extinguished, it had already caused major damages to the vehicles.

One fire official told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that all four vehicles belong to two construction companies, and both fires happened 15 minutes apart from each other.

“People in the area saw a white and black cars leaving the scene, respectively,” a source told SNO.

The Fire Service has launched an investigation into this latest incident.


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  1. It's not always construction money that cover these vehicles. You can be well off in the eyes of the public but we don't know what you are doing when we are asleep.


  2. People don't want to see others have what they can't have. This is a perfect example. Anyone who knows the owners of the equipment would know that they do not owe anyone ! And if you didn't know well I am telling you right now... THEY DO NOT OWE ANYBODY! Whoever did this did it out of a jealous spirit. Jealousy is an evil thing. These people worked extremely hard for what they had but what people fail to realize is that God'a children don't stay down. We come back BIGGER AND BETTER !!!!! Just wait for it.. This is just a MINOR setback. We're still rising.. The contracts will come back bigger. We fixing the whole of St. Lucia. WAIT FOR THE COMEBACK !


  3. Black people in general are a bunch of jealous people and hates to see one another succeed, it's as simple as that.


  4. either two things
    one that was a set up to claim insurance money or
    two the owner of these vehicles had people work hard for them and they never paid which is most of the cases so now the culprits saying the money you didnt pay me now you have to use it to buy more equipment


    • Are you serious!!!! These people lost their daily bread and if you knew them you would know that they are not hungry. They are very well known and up standing citizens in their community. Lucians always like to speculate and make assumptions about things they know nothing about. Ignorant TWAT!!!!!


    • That's stupid. If it was for insurance money, why burn 4 vehicles in different locations and to property which belongs to another contractor. Some Lucians really ignorant


    • That's your opinion can't argue with you but why work hard for something & destroy it for money dart won't last long & hit you hard later on in life


    • He owed NO ONE!!! Why does it always have to be that they owing people. Jealousy and bad minded people are all over St.Lucia. Yet the innocent ones are always the victims. I guess yall figure they deserved it but does that make it right??????? Check yall business. Find out facts before yall run yall mouth


      • jealousy and badmind and only now they feel like being jealous smh. something fishy thats my opinion and those vehicles are insured so there is going to be a replacement on the way. i cant understand why ppl criticize others opinions we all are subjected to out own. Thats why there is area to state YOUR comments.


    • Yes things like this can happen - jealousy can motivate lots of deadly & hurtful ideas towards people


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