Four St. Lucians among 250 2018 YLAI Professional Fellows

Four St. Lucians among 250 2018 YLAI Professional Fellows

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – SLUDTERA wishes to inform all interested persons that four St. Lucians are among the 250 2018 YLAI Professional Fellows and are set to take flight in just a few weeks.

Selected to participate in #YLAI2018 are; Mr. Nyus Alfred Co-founder and Managing Director of Sporte Avis, Mr. Johanan Dujon Founder and Managing Director of Algas Organics, Ms. Laurah M. John Founder and CEO of Jua Kali Ltd. and Ms. Chadia Mathurin CEO and Creative Director of Wakonte.

This is an exciting and auspicious moment for St. Lucia, as this is the first time that so many finalists emerged from its shores since the YLAI program was launched in 2016. In its inaugural year, the program yielded two St. Lucians; Ms. Eleanor Joseph and Mr. Lester Laurencin. The following year in 2017, it was Ms. Sacha Harris and Ms. Michelle N. Samuel.

Following the conclusion of the 2017 YLAI program, several YLAI Ambassadors were selected by Team YLAI to help recruit potential eligible applicants and to spread the word about the 2018 YLAI program in their respective islands or countries. Ms. Sacha Harris and Ms. Michelle N. Samuel were both selected as 2018 YLAI Ambassadors for St. Lucia, and the two fulfilled their roles through press releases, Facebook live events, and media interviews. This brilliant initiative apparently proved a success, as in 2018 we now see an increase in the number of St. Lucian finalists selected to participate in #YLAI2018.

The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State and its implementing partner, Meridian International Center, made the announcement via their website. The finalists for the 2018 Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) Professional Fellows Program.

This program will bring 250 business and social entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean to the United States in September 2018 to collaborate with counterparts in businesses and organizations in 20 cities across the United States. Through this exchange program, Fellows will advance their entrepreneurial ventures and build leadership skills to effectively contribute to social and economic development in their communities. Up to 60 U.S. hosts will be able to visit their Fellows in-country to provide guidance on their action plans while expanding their own contacts and markets abroad.

The YLAI Professional Fellows Program will begin on September 20th in Detroit, Michigan, followed by four-week fellowships throughout the United States. The program concludes with a Closing Forum in October in Washington, D.C. focused on leadership and skills development training. Fellows return to their ventures with new skills, resources, ongoing support from U.S. counterparts, and an improved network, strengthening business ties between the U.S. and Latin America and the Caribbean.

The 2018 YLAI Professional Fellows were selected through a competitive application process, which attracted 2,500 applications. These 250 business and social entrepreneurs represent 36 countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State-funded this program, which is implemented by Meridian International Center in partnership with 3 Day Startup and community-based members and universities throughout the United States.


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