Four SLP members interested in contesting Anse La Raye seat

Four SLP members interested in contesting Anse La Raye seat


Four persons have expressed an interest in contesting the Anse La Raye/Canaries seat on behalf of the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) at the next general elections.

This request comes at a time when there is already an SLP elected Member of Parliament (MP) representing that constituency, in the person of Dr. Desmond Long.

Dr. Long is also the current Deputy Speaker in the House of Assembly.

The four persons include: Cyprian Yarde, Wayne Gaillard, Andrina Prospere and Leozandrae De Leon.

Reports are that the party will decide on the candidate at a later date.

The United Workers Party (UWP) has already chosen Dominic Fedee as the candidate for that seat.


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  1. I am beginning to think that the politicians think that the Anse La Raye people are stupid and gullible. Why such an interest in ALR? Is it because it is close to drive to? Is it because they think that they can be voted in and sit back, get rich quick, and fuck off? There is a pattern developing in ALR and the people are too stupid (yes I said it) to see that. Families are breaking up because of politicians. Ask yourselves this. Would they do it for you? HELL NO! Wake up and smell the coffee my people. You all are being screwed up by these politicians left right and centre.


  2. This constituency has been backward for many years. Politicians come and go . The place is still in a mess. I Think we need a woman for a change. Hence that ,Prospere has the potential to make a big difference since she was born and raised ,currently resides in the constituency as she developed a close relationship with constituents. Good Luck Miss Prospere......


  3. Poor Jab Pep deputy speaker is no place for a man who expected to be Mimistet of Health. Remember before election Pep was the voice of SLP for anything related to the health sector. As they got into power Kenny made him feel less than a nurse and he put Alvina,who knows very little if anything about the health sector, as Minister of Health. As deputy Speaker according to Invader you have no section. Remember TIMOTHY MANGAL YOU SHOULD REMEMBER FROM THE TIME YOUR WERE MADE DEPUTY SPEAKER MARCUS NICOLAS SHOULD COME TO MIND. CLEARLY KENNY USED YOU. YOU SHOULD HAVE TAKEN YOUR OWN ADVICE.




  5. If they move pep i not voting for them i voting flambeau. and trust me there are plenty of us. Yall mess up da man and now yall want to add insult to injury again. If yall move pep thats one time i will campaign for flambeau to get that sit


  6. SLP can send anyone to represent Anse La Raye, Canaries, they will never win back that seat. They maltreated that constituency for 4 years.


  7. Poor jab Pep, after Kenny use you now he want to dump you, he did not even offer you a ministry,other persons who were less qualified than you in the medical field was given a ministry. I am surprised I did not see Ernest Hilaire's name among the four . Well Mr. Pep I hope you sing a calypso about that for the up coming calypso seasons. Crash, another bottle fall off the wall


  8. Poor jab Pep, look how Kenny use you he did not even give you a Ministry, and now he want to kick you out. Imagine four persons have shown interest in contesting that seat. I am urprised e\


  9. Isn't De Leon (the mole ) a police officer? Why then is he openly involved in politics. Is this case not similar to that of Gina? So I hope like her he is hauled before the PSC. And I hope the acting Police commissioner has the testicular fortitude to discipline him.


  10. De Leon the police sergeant? Former negotiator for the PWA. At last he is showing his true colours. Is he one of the SLP moles in the RSLPF.


    • not a single thing. at least if we were seeing the bloke in the district, but he is a total absence, absent representation. he just does his daily at his medical office and goes home. does he even have a constituency...and to think his party in power eh..far less.AWAY WITH PEP WASTE OF TIME LONG. OR SHORT WATEVER


  11. Pep go back to singing your calypso.It is a long time I hear Kenny want to sac you because you have not delivered


  12. 4 people expressed their interest?
    What happen, he is not working for the communities? Is he a poor fit?
    More should be replaced. Waste of time.


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