Four more Saint Lucians to study medicine in Cuba

Four more Saint Lucians to study medicine in Cuba

Monday, August 13, 2012 – Saint Lucian students awarded the Cuban scholarships to pursue medicine for the next seven years are urged to take advantage of the opportunity, given that the cost of education is phenomenal.

That advice is coming from the island’s Minister for Education, Human Resource Development and Labour, Honourable Dr. Robert Lewis as he attended the presentation awards ceremony for the medical students, last week.

According to the minister, “Everybody is complaining of the cost to study medicine and people are asking for assistance and the young persons who are in front of me this morning going to Cuba, I do not think the majority of young Saint Lucians will ever be able to make that cost for medicine had it not been for the parents to secure that sort of finance.”

Chairman of the Scholarship Committee, Dr. Gregory Williams reminded the students to be role models and ambassadors of Saint Lucia as they work hard to achieve their goal.  “The education that you get is the only thing that you can guarantee is yours.  You have the duty, because medicine is very important. So the scholarships you are awarded, I am hoping will benefit not only to you, but the community.”

Further, the  students traveling to Cuba for the estimated seven years of study, will be provided with a scholarship including tuition, accommodation, meals, uniform and books paid by the Cuban government. The government of Saint Lucia will also assist with guaranteeing loans utilized for airfare fees.

In the field of education the Cuban government has been assisting Saint Lucia over the last thirty two years.


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  1. I fear for them. ALL our gov't doing is guarantee loans. WOW. Wat happen to the paying tikets and a stipend. Jadia Jn Pierre getting better treatment to go Cuba than our aspiring young ppl. Shame on our gov't. shame, shame, shame


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