Four medals for Saint Lucia at Special Olympics!

Four medals for Saint Lucia at Special Olympics!

(SNO) — Saint Lucia have four medals — a gold, a silver, and two bronze medals — at the ongoing Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019.

Sixteen-year-old Paulin St Luce got gold whilst 22-year-old Ania Isidore and 24-year-old Cecil Fevrier got Saint Lucia’s bronze medals in the singles bocce competition at the ADNEC courts.

Twenty-year-old Joshua Daniel Henry got a silver medal in the men’s 400m at the Dubai Police Officers Club Stadium, running 1:05.75 for second place.

Meanwhile, Saint Lucia are in Tuesdays’ 7-a-side mixed football playoffs. This after playing Portugal to a 1-1 draw (Augustin Jeremie scored in the 5th minute), beating Canada 2-1 and Sweden 3-0 scorers (Augustin Jeremie, Jn Paul Isidore, and Alec Pierre all scored).


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