Four Cubans test positive for Coronavirus after Guyana visit

Four Cubans test positive for Coronavirus after Guyana visit

(NEWS SOURCE GUYANA) – While Health Officials have reported that the total number of coronavirus cases in Guyana remains at five, there is a worry that the number could be much higher following a report from Cuban Health Authorities.

Health authorities in Cuba have reported that there are four Cuban nationals who recently tested positive for the coronavirus after traveling back to Cuba from Guyana.

According to the Cuban Ministry of Health, an eight-year-old child and her mother are the two latest to be tested positive. They both traveled to Cuba from Guyana on the 21st March. A 31-year-old Cuban man who arrived in Cuba from Guyana on the same date also tested positive.

All three persons have been hospitalized.

The only airline that operated a flight between Guyana and Cuba on that date was Caribbean Airlines. The flight received special permission from the Guyana government to take Cuban nationals home after they complained about being stranded.

Last week, the Cuban Health Authorities also reported that a man who traveled from Guyana to Cuba on the 12th March had tested positive.

The Guyanese authorities are still awaiting information from the Cuban authorities on the identities of the persons who have been tested positive so that contact tracing could be done in Guyana.

While many Cuban traders visit regularly to shop, Guyana also serves as the consular base for the US Embassy in Cuba, resulting in Cubans seeking US visas having to travel to Guyana for their appointments and interviews.

Cuba has recorded more than 60 cases of the coronavirus with one death.


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