Four Coconut Bay employees receive financial support for the educational advancement of their children

By Coconut Bay

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Students Award Winner with Coconut Bay GM Zachary Frangos following Ceremony

(PRESS RELEASE) – Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa is keeping its commitment to support the educational advancement of our national’s children.

One month after implementing its 5th Season of the Cocoland Little Leaders Programmme (which provides learning materials to all Early Childhood Learning Centres on the island), the hotel issued bursaries to staff members to assist in the education of their children at a recent ceremony.

This year the resort is once again providing financial support through its annual Common Entrance Scholarship Awards Programme. The programme has been expanded this year to benefit four (4) students whose parents are staff members.

The Staff members whose children were awarded this year emanated from the Maintenance, Grounds, Kids Klub and Kitchen Departments. Three of the beneficiaries of this year’s Common Entrance Scholarship Awards were selected on the basis of performance merit having ranked among the highest scores from the applications submitted. The forth recipient was categorized as a “special” case. The scores of those based on performance were as follows: 79%, 82.67% and 85% respectively.

The students who have benefited from this year’s Common Entrance Scholarship Awards Programme are attending: the Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary and the Micoud Secondary Schools.

This year’s Scholarship awards which is being spearheaded by the hotel’s Sports & Social Committee provided individual bursaries of EC $1500.00 each to the two highest ranked scores while the other two recipients received EC $1000.00 each.

The Annual Common Entrance Scholarship Award is one of the many privileges which staff at resort benefits from.

The award is geared towards assisting qualifying parents/students in meeting the initial cost of Secondary School Education.

Other privileges among which Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa staff benefit from include: Benefits from Assets Sales, Discounted Day Passes and Birthday recognitions and gifts.

Hotel Manager Zachary Frangos in commenting on this year’s awards, stated: “Support for programmes of this nature represents a core philosophical outlook of the resort, which is one that places strong value on the critical role of education as a pathway for future growth and development”. In this regard the resort has taken a strategic position to focus and invest in the nation’s children as the custodians of our future prospects”.

Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa will continue to demonstrate this commitment to the education of our children in the coming years.

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  1. Yes a commendable gesture. However can you please look at the wages you’re paying staff! Pay them a half decent wage and they may not need the hand outs (bursaries)

    And refocus our overseas investments and employment strategies from Tourism back to Agriculture.

    In the banana days most farmers were able to send all they kids to school and higher education (Uni and colleges).

    Some may say the “green gold days” of bananas are over, they maybe so with bananas but the new “green gold” is Cannabis which has quickly turned into a MULTI BILLION dollar industry.

    Wake Up Lucians!

  2. Very commendable! More hotels and private businesses should invest in our youth. Congratulations to the students and parents! Hats off to Coconut Bay Resort!

  3. Very commendable…..congratulations!! More hotels and private businesses should invest in our youth. Hats off to Coconut Bay Resort!

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