Former St Lucian politician is 350K richer

Former St Lucian politician is 350K richer
A delighted Charlemagne
A delighted Charlemagne

A former government minister is the winner of the $350,000 Super 6 grand draw.

Gaspard Charlemagne, a junior minister in the Sir John Compton and Stephenson King administrations, was presented with his cheque on Friday at Gablewoods Mall, the headquarters for CBN St. Lucia Inc, operators of the national lottery.

Charlemagne encourages everyone to play the lottery, while pointing out that playing lotto, not only benefits winners but the country on a whole.

“I was playing it… not only because there is some money is to be had, but I was playing because I always supported lotto for the very fact tha whatever profit they make as a business place, the community benefited,” Charlemagne, a former acting agriculture minister, said.


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  1. Maybe the uwp will tke him bk now. What u think. He old be dum o do that. Tke your money and run. Sir


    • Why should he give Civil servant some ? he did not cause this situation that is between kenny and them and that is there problem good luck to them , this guy and his winnings should not even be a news headline.


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