Former St. Lucia PM to deliver Maurice Bishop lecture in Grenada

Former St. Lucia PM to deliver Maurice Bishop lecture in Grenada
Former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony
Former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony

ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada, Feb 12, CMC – Former St. Lucia prime minister Dr. Kenny Anthony will deliver the fourth annual March 13th lecture as Grenada prepares to observe the 40th anniversary of the 1979 coup that brought the left-wing Maurice Bishop People’s revolutionary Government (PRG) into office next month.

A broad-based Grenada Revolution Celebration Committee has been established to spearhead activities to mark the occasion that commences in March and ends in May.

Bishop successfully staged the first coup in the English-speaking Caribbean when his New Jewel Movement (NJM) ousted the government of Prime minister Sir Eric Gairy on March 13, 1979.

But four year later, internal infighting led to the demise of the PRG, with Bishop and senior government ministers executed.

After the executions, a new government called the Revolutionary Military Council, led by General Hudson Austin, was formed to rule but it lasted just six days as the United States led a military invasion of the island.

According to the Grenada Revolution Celebrations Committee, among the activities include a calypso show titled “Champs in Concert” and featuring local and Trinidad and Tobago-based singers.

The book “By Their Own Hands” written by Englishman, Dr. Steve Cushon, and Grenadian, Denis Bartholomew, will be launched on March 11, a day before Anthony delivers the public lecture.

The committee said a two-day exhibition on the Revolution will be held from March 13 and that it also intends to organize public education sessions, health fairs, community work and cultural activities.

The activities will culminate with an academic conference from May 27-29 under the theme “The Grenada Revolution 40 Years After: Commemoration, Celebration and Critique”.

The conference coincides with African Liberation Day on May 27 and the Bishop’s 75th birthday on May 29.


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