Former SLP candidate says party must “wake up”

Former SLP candidate says party must “wake up”
Timothy Mangal
Timothy Mangal
Timothy Mangal

Businessman Timothy Mangal who contested the Castries South East seat in the 2011 elections under a Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) ticket said the party lacks appreciation for long standing members.

Mangal said the SLP needs to “wake up” and start fixing the issues that currently exists and ensure that it reach out to all it members, regardless of their differences.

His statement comes days after former Health Minister under the SLP administration Damian Greaves expressed the same concerns, while urging the party to engage in some sober introspection.

Mangal questioned whether anyone from the SLP ever reached out or given any support to former MP for Choiseul Ferguson John, who has been sick for some time now.

He made it clear that he is not attacking the party, but is merely the messenger for many members who have expressed the same view as him, stating that there is still time to fix the situation.

Greaves on the other hand, said on a recent Newsspin programme that the SLP executive should not make people believe they are no longer relevant, noting that everyone has a contribution to make.

The SLP will be celebrating its 65th anniversary this weekend.


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  1. Come next year when SLP is voted out. There should be no reflection from party members. Nil. Simply because the people of St. Lucia gave you red menace a chance. And nothing changed. Endless victimisation of people, bad policy like passport and diplomacy for sale designed for the pockets of crooks. And the Lambirds academy affair with a Bangladeshi rifraff walking free cause he attached to an ex labour politician ex-wife . None say a word. The dirty linen of the uwp may be washed in public but at least we know they washing it. Your dirty linen is left unaddressed and left to smell and fester. I shall go yellow and be all nice, dry and mellow after my wash instead. You fellas just "sutiwez" . All it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to sit back and do nothing. You all will learn that lesson well in 2016. Mark those words. Kenny Anthony had better be prepared to enjoy his last days as St. Lucia's PM. It aint go happen again. That earnest crook will continue masquerade, Lucians beware.


  2. That up there to me is just the tip of the iceberg.You just wait. If the SLP continues to fall on its sword, as it has been doing since 2011, the day after its defeat at the polls will reveal one can of worms after another.
    Up to now, those hermetically-sealed cansSLP have been keeping this SLP cabal in office under the psychologically-damaged Dear Leader, Kim Jong-un. Sorry. Sorry. I am sorry. It is Dr. Fidel Castro, Jr.

    Oups! I am still mixing them up again. Nowadays, I can't tell one from the other. Anyway, a rose by any other name is a rose, and a cat is a puss. En rouge red Kool Aid drinkers and island-wide party constituency groups, AKA the "better days" rent-a-crowd, know him only as the God-sent Messiah, Dr. Kenny Anthony.


  3. When Frank Charles was saying all is not well the ppl that mobilize and come out to vote not happy ppl like wyane vitalis had alot to say. Well i hope u guys seeing that internet bulling not working


  4. Well well well: truly St.Lucian have short memories. Don't you all know why all these supporters/hacks are placed in positions where they can't effectively perform? Where are these hacks who calls talk shows on a daily basis to support and defend the SLP government getting the money to buy credit to recharge their cell phones? Surely they must be getting paid with STEP and NICE pay packets to do just that, I recommend that the money for STEP and these other all programs should be audited and it must reveal that many supporters are getting paid without driving a stroke. During the second term of the SLP 2002/2006 supporters were not satisfied with how they were being treated by KDA and so he became very unpopular, don't you Lucian remember that at an SLP conference in Bsbonneau a motion for AFFIRMATIVE ACTION was tabled well now we are seeing the effects of thes actions.Jobs for the boys and girls only qualified or not.Just look at the manner in which RSL our national radio station is being used by SD day in day out: The host keeps on insulting , accusing people who pay taxes the same tax which is used to pay their salaries and to maintain the radio station no wonder the theme RSL RELOADED (RELOADED with hacks?) and they accused Dave of being bius oh what a shame. So Lucians wake up and also ask yourselves why is it that with all the RAPE INCIDENTS WE HAVE experienced in recent times we have seen no actions by the law-makes to improve on laws concerning RAPE ,, NOT A WORD NOT A WORD NOT A WORD.


  5. Cracks are showing in the armour of the SLP, so much so that some are already campaigning with a proposed townhall meeting for a snap election.

    But the nastiness of this communist-led party where relatives at one time could not show up in opposite party colours is beginning to crack under the weight of all its plain wickedness and idiocy accepted by the party faithful. The longest road has an end.

    Next elections is SLP 0, others 17. Anything but SLP and their ingrained idiocy. Anything but this indiocracy.


  6. MANGAL ?

    there is a saying that charity begins at home.
    so you care so much about Ferguson U are so sympathetic. you have the nerve, you don't care if you put your party in the same bullshit as those ?
    Mangal , tell me who's brother or cousin that is a bloody pest around the city?

    when last you visited him and talk to him?


  7. Very little has ever been done by the Labour party in Choiseul including the current crop. Fergie did very little in his time there. we all know that. When things need changing in the island Choiseul vote out arrogance and incompetence that's how they move. Rufus despite his many faults did more for Choiseul than any of those labour rats. Although sometimes he waited too close to elections to do it and also came with all the negatives.


    • there is always fighting and issues within the SLP camp but with Dr Anthony and the iron fist, none of that eh happening. He is a strong leader and damage control is solid in that camp. So if he says pip you are out and hilaire is in then thats it, if he says alva give up laborie for hiliare then thats it. If he says attack claudi and all hacks/contractors/consultants to flood the airwaves with support or damage control then .. thats a done deal. A real world boss.


  8. Mangal not making sense, he hungry for power and money. He is endorsing what greaves said because he didnot mention his name either. Its like he looking for ways and means for SLP to remember him look soaps SHAME ON YOU


    • Why make such stupid comment. The guy like almost every private business owners are feeling the burden under this labour administration. The SLP has condone what Reneau is doing. He gets almost all contracts and purchases all his construction material from his own business. Mr. Mangal owns a hardware too. That is legitimate business.


  9. Timothy Mangal singing for his supper. He was never popular in the Castries South Seat. This big belly man always hungry for power.


  10. In as much as I want to support Mr Mangal's statement, there is something bigger going on. I believe we need to extend this criticism wider to include how politicians use the people and when they win and definitely when they lose, the do not pay the people who supported then a visit. Mangal has not been involved in the constituency ever since he lost. Trust me, there is some truth to the SLP getting its act together with regards to taking care of its members, but then the governments focus should be the country. I believe that with successive governments, the party arm of the government takes a nap while that party is in power. That is detrimental to keeping your faithful engaged. But I believe that we need to move away from this notion that once I lose, I am gone. Politicians are no longer sincere about their wanting to represent the people. So Mr Mangal, I appreciate your concern, but my question for you is sir, where have you been since 2011...did you just have a resurrection?


  11. Kenny and his boys and girls have a culture of Nepotism that is eroding the integrity of the SLP.
    When they were practising it by placing their friends, relatives and hacks into positions that they were not suited for, they never realised that some day it would hit home. Now long standing members like Pip and Emma have to see the very same Nepotism.

    Boy, Karma is a bitch isn't it? Well feel that stab to the back...and writhe in the pain of it, because that is the very pain that more qualified and suited persons felt, when they were sidelined for a post which they were qualified and experienced for, but which was handed to a an undeserving and unqualified party hack! The actions of Kenny and Co should not come as a shock, because this man lacks integrity. Too many times we see people cast aside because they are not favoured by persons like Leo Clarke, Ernest and the messiah himself KDA. Tanto tanto


    • I agree. But you too polite when you say "not suited for." They in positions they UNQUALIFIED FOR, HAVE NOT A FREAKING CLUE, UNABLE TO DO, ENDLESS MARJEE THEY DOING. Pure unalderated embarrassment and the most insane level of incompetence I have seen in a long time.


  12. And still they all shouting en rouge and READY to vote SLP blindly. Mha mem. live me there tan. You think I am going to live my house to vote for a party that telling me it READY for election but have so many of us who are disappointed in them? Let them come by my home with their READY nonsense.


  13. So sorry to hear Fergie for a while.I realised he has not seen in public in recent time.Speedy recovery my friend .I must take a drive down there to see you.


    • From the time I saw him getting so big, I thought it funny and considered a liver problem. However, one gets the impression that Kenny always just tolerated Fergie because he could bring in the votes. From his body language, it would appear that, he never liked the man. Was I surprised when Fergie made the honours list. Ay! Ay! If the so-called leader can bear such an attitude of indifference towards a person he grew up with, and some say that he went to school with, what do you expect for those he does not know? Crapaud then will smoke your pipe, if it is known that you do not vote for him or his party, or you do not bow down before SLP's idol, with its feet made of 'terre-son' clay.

      Some party insiders are now telling us who we are dealing with finally!

      Surprise! Surprise! But most of us already know the egotistical dog-in-the-manger political animal, we are dealing with. The entire country is now waiting with bated breath to see the backs of all of you SLP sycophantic, supine, spineless, manipulated, narrow-minded constituency branch members and followers.

      You are always putting party tribal, loyalty before the country. So, what did you expect?

      You are always endorsing the sale of our country, bit by bit for a mass of pottage, whilst the mass of politically-created grass cutters eagerly await their next quota of political crumbs, in the depressing, and dependence-creating game of musical chairs called STEP.

      The SLP's dirty work is unravelling bit by bit. These things shall pass. So will be these their 'better days'.


  14. To me, giving our lands to foreigners, and selling our passports to the highest bidder is criminal These are very heinous treasonous acts. Such unpatriotic and treasonous acts must be answered with the full force of law in our courts assisted by the death penalty.

    On the first sitting of a UWP parliament, this should be read in all its stages and become retroactively, the law of the land. Those who were engaged must forfeit the gains and proceeds emerging from those transactions, whether under the table or the monies secreted into foreign bank accounts.

    Let us close one political borbol loophole once and for all. It is time to clean up our own mess created by these SLP imposters.


    • so in retrospect you saying its ok for them to take if for them selves like Richard, Guy and some many form the uwp did as soon as they came in to power. one of the first things they did was stop PROUD where st.lucians had a chance to own a piece of st.lucia on which some of them and their ancestors had lived for years for an affordable price. I don't know what you talking about but if slp deserve to go to court for trying to move this country forward. what should we do to the uwp who was there for 5 years and only left a path of destruction in their wake.


      • You are country bookie through and through. Somebody is saying to close the borbol loophole, and your level of intelligence is so great that this means to you that we should go back and repeat just what the person is all against. Better days to you! Smart ass!


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