Former Saint Lucian basketballer gives back

Former Saint Lucian basketballer gives back
Bridgid Mitchell
Bridgid Mitchell

(SNO) — Saint Lucia’s Bridgid Mitchell was a do-it-all three-sport standout for Coppin State University, and she continues to do it all now that she has transitioned into coaching and administration.

A Hall of Famer at Coppin, she holds school records for rebounding and block shots. But her latest endeavour is giving an assist to aspiring female basketballers.

Mitchell now works with the Baltimore City Community College (BCCC) women’s basketball team. In her fourth year with the department, she helps with Game Day Operations and Support.

In recent weeks, she facilitated a donation to the Saint Lucia Basketball Federation (SLBF) of a barrel of Under Armor basketball, and running shoes and socks. Additional merchandise was also donated by her friends and family in the United States, including her mom, Juliet Mitchell-Garnier, and other members of the Saint Lucian Organization of DC and Maryland.

Said Mitchell: “I would like to form partnerships with SLBF to continue donating athletic apparel and sneakers to athletes in need.”

A mentor to several African students, Mitchell said she is also hopeful of getting Saint Lucian boys and girls into the United States on basketball scholarships.

“If I can get one basketball player in school, I have made a difference,” she added.

SLBF President Leslie Collymore reiterated the importance and significance of forging invaluable partnerships with organisations such as BCCC.

“As a voluntary organisation, it’s very important for us to be able to nurture relationships with our international stakeholders. In particular, those where our native brothers and sisters are well-placed. As such, as part of the SLBF’s marketing, PR and outreach pillar, we have established a program where we work with these entities to donate items that we need for the sport that would otherwise be very costly for us to procure. We are indeed grateful for the support shown thus far and look forward to continued partnerships.”

Despite the absence of a consistent and widespread national development programme for girls’ basketball, Saint Lucia has been able to produce several top collegiate players, professional players, and coaches over the years.


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  1. wow finally someone that is of saint Lucian decent and have spent their life in the states and have done successful and is ACTUALLY giving back to saint Lucia. to many a times i see these stories of people that are saint Lucian and its like only when they reach to the top for all these years they recognize them as their own just cause they are Lucian and they dont give back cause they were never given anything such as even help. i cant never forget when Darren Sammy said when he was an upcoming inspiring cricketer the struggle he had to go through just to get a sponsorship to get gears to play cricket and look at him now that never phased him, the boy they never wanted to help is now a star. according to alkaline" the same boy they used to style no he make the headline"


    • Thank you very much for your compliment. I will continue donating athletic shoes, apparel as well as equipment. I will also do my best to visit the majority of the athletic programs to find out what is needed. I have been blessed, my players, friends, co-workers and family have been very generous. If i can make a difference in the life of one athlete, then i have done my part. I will also work with several basketball as well track and field programs to give some of the junior athletes an opportunity to play sports in America.


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