Former Saint Lucia PM describes COVID-19 as a “true test”

Former Saint Lucia PM describes COVID-19 as a “true test”
Dr, Kenny Anthony
Dr, Kenny Anthony

(St. Lucia News Online) — Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort South, Dr. Kenny Anthony, said the COVID-19 pandemic will be a true test for everyone.

Writing on his Facebook pages late last month, the former prime minister said he is “deeply concerned” about his constituents and the people of Saint Lucia as a whole.

“This virus will test our resolve, humanity, and compassion,” he noted.

Dr. Anthony went on to say that he is particularly worried about the elderly in every town, village or community.

Though the novel coronavirus affects people of all ages, race, and social class, the World Health Organization has noted that the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions are more prone to get seriously ill by the disease.

“As we all know, our elderly are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19. Many are destitute, alone, with little means of support and care,” he said. “It is such a pity that the Home Care Programme for our elderly citizens was not maintained at previous levels.”

Dr. Anthony had hoped that the virus would have been contained and not spread into the local communities.

But it already has: Saint Lucia, on Good Friday, April 10, recorded its 15th confirmed case — an 18-year-old who is a close contact of a previously confirmed case.

The veteran MP expressed concerned for the safety and welfare of fishers, as well as medical workers in the south.

“Our fishers must not be forgotten. It is well known that the fishers of Vieux Fort are the principal suppliers of fish to consumers in the island. I hope more support and encouragement is extended to them to offset any supply shortages in the coming days.

“I salute our medical personnel, especially those in the south. There is considerable fear and anxiety in the south, deepened no doubt by the lack of adequate health facilities and proper equipment. No matter how committed, dedicated and professional our doctors, nurses and medical technicians may be, the lack of facilities and equipment and supplies could severely compromise their efforts to treat and protect us,” he explained.

However, Dr. Anthony believes that if everyone adheres to the advice of health professionals on the island and “we… care for each other as we should, we can contain and stop this virus from wreaking havoc and we can emerge wiser and stronger as a nation and as a people”.

He had also expressed concern for those who work at the Hewanorra International Airport prior to the island closing its borders.


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