Former RSLPF policeman graduates from UWI with a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice

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unnamed-5PRESS RELEASE – On Friday, 21st October 2016, Leonard Johnny, a retired policeman from the Royal St. Lucia Police Force residing in Choiseul, graduated from the University of the West indies with a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice.

His doctoral thesis entitled, “An Evaluation of the Causes of Delinquency and Violence Displayed by Secondary School Students: A Case Study of St. Lucia,” investigated:

(i) the causes of delinquency and violence displayed by secondary school students in St. Lucia
(ii) the mediating role of specific variables on the relationship between some of the tested variables and delinquency and violence.

In this study, he utilized components of four delinquency theories to create a new theoretical model which he named the “Four S model.” This model was used to test ten variables in an attempt to establish what causes secondary school students in St. Lucia to behave delinquently and violently. He also utilized six mediating variables to determine whether they had an effect on the relationship between four of the tested variables and, delinquency and violence displayed by secondary school students. This new model can be use within the wider region and/ or globally to test for the causes of delinquent and violent behaviour.

This study yielded exciting results among which are the following:

(1) Peer relationship, gender, low self-esteem, low self-control, drug and alcohol abuse, and parental practices are significantly associated with delinquency and violence displayed by secondary school students in St. Lucia.

(2) Peer pressure greatly influenced the behaviour of secondary school students in St. Lucia.

(3) Drug and alcohol abuse, the use of drugs in the past year and lifetime use of drugs mediated the effects of self-esteem on delinquency and violence displayed by secondary school students in St. Lucia.

(4) Drug and alcohol abuse, use of drugs in the past year and lifetime use of drugs; deviant peers and low self-esteem mediated the effects of parental practice on delinquency and violence displayed by secondary school students in St. Lucia.

(5) Males who attend secondary schools appeared to be more delinquent and violent than females

(6) 92% of the students surveyed indicated that they have consumed alcohol and 48.7% of them reported that they consume alcohol on a weekly basis.

(7) Secondary school students in St. Lucia are being introduced to alcohol mainly by their parents.

(8) The use of alcohol is more common than the use of drugs among secondary school students in St. Lucia.

(9) Drug and alcohol abuse cause secondary school students in St. Lucia to display a low level of self-control.

(10) Secondary school students have problems controlling themselves because they cannot control their anger.

Dr. Leonard Johnny previously pursued and accrued an Advance Diploma in Security Management from Stonebridge Associated Colleges, a Certificate in Public Administration, a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Government, and a Master’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the university of the West Indies.

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  1. It is not uncommon to be rejected by the state when one has worked hard on their own for that matter, and has attained such qualifications. We all know the reason for this; people feel threatened especially when they are aware of their incompetence! I must add that there are many other outstanding St. Lucians like Mr. Johnny, who would be happy to serve their country but are blatantly rejected. We are left with no other option but to serve where those in authority are intelligent enough to recognize our skills, talents and achievements.

  2. Congratulations Johnny!!!! Kudos to you, old UWI classmates and Carmody Residents!! Ironically, just asked someone about you two weeks ago… to no avail. I had no idea you were pursuing your PHD … awesome stuff … Dr Johnny!!!

  3. UWI Class of 2004

    Very well done Johnny…. seems you were not just strong physically at UWI St. Augustine but mentally as well….. great milestone…… think i speak for the entire class of 2004.

  4. Congratulations Sir, I can recall you visiting to carry out your survey. Glad we were able to assist you to reach this milestone. If I recall correctly Dr. Johnny has also a study on visitor harassment which is noteworthy.

  5. This young man has persevered . A perfect role model. The government of Trinidad and Tobago is utilizing his skills. We have so many problems at the secondary schools with our students and drug abuse. A perfect study to deal with some of the issues. Come on st Lucia . Have more respect for your people who are extremely capable.

  6. Congrats Johnny well deserving accomplishment..God Bless

  7. Congratulations on your recent accomplishment. God blessings to you.

  8. Dr. Johnny is a very intelligent man. The Government of Trinidad knows he is an asset. He was cast aside by his own. Congrats Doc

    • Let God be Praised!

      That’s what you get when you are a gift by being cast aside as no good, but who God bless no man curse. Another product of Choiseul, the place which continue to produce leaders year after year, my hometown.

  9. Congratulations on your accomplishment Dr Johnny. You’ve worked hard, stayed the course, now reap the benefits.
    I am proud of you.

  10. We never appreciate our own. This young man has been deprived an opportunity to serve his country. He can be an asset. Shame on our governments. It is high time we recognize our own.

  11. Congratulations, Whew!!!!!!!

    Leonard is a past schoolmate of mine from Sweet Choiseul and for some reason he has been on my mind lately, in particular when the new appointments of AG and DPP were announced. I have not seen or heard of him for quite some time but I always knew that he had it in him to not settle for mediocrity and it makes me proud to learn of his achievements. Honestly, I think he is better off carrying out his service as it applies now – our governments do not know how to appreciate such talent and of course, the public purse may not be able to match his $$$$$. Congratulations man!!!!!

  12. It takes huge discipline and courage to be a life long learner. Impressive.

  13. I am just here sitting wondering why it is that the state has not utilized this Dr’s expertise locally. I read that he works for regional governments and couldnt find work locally…He has been utilized by regional governments but his own country should utilize his skills and whatever he has learnt from working with foreign governments.
    What are our leaders thinking.
    This should be our Police Commissioner or at least making a great impact on what happens with our national security.
    Congrats Sir

    • As far as I am aware, whilst he had his Masters Degree and a Seargent in the RSLPF he interviewed for promotion to a higher rank and was denied the position or was rather unsuccessful because it was said that he had a speech defect. He stutters. However, in my opinion that is pure crap. Please note that he was interviewed by persons in the RSLPF that he was more qualified than. I would like to assume that he was a threat to persons of higher rank.

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