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Former prime minister files claim challenging multi-billion dollar development


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Dr. Kenny Anthony

(CMC) – Former prime minister Dr. Kenny Anthony Friday said he had filed a claim in the High Court against the St. Lucia government regarding the agreements reached with the Hong Kong based Desert Star Holdings Ltd (DSH).

The Allen Chastanet government has in the past defended the US$2.6-billion “Pearl of the Caribbean” project as “one of the most adventurous and ambitious projects in the Caribbean”.

The project, which entails a horse racing track, high-end hotel and residences, a casino, free trade zone, an equine diseases-free zone, and a marina, is being undertaken by the Hong Kong-based developers and the government said it is poised to make St Lucia “an even more unique destination and create economic activity as never before seen in the south of the island”.

But Anthony, the parliamentary representative for Vieux Fort South, where most of the project will be established, is asking the High Court to declare that the agreements between the government and DSH are “unconstitutional, null and void”

He is also arguing that the financial arrangements underpinning the agreements are unlawful as they are in breach of the Finance Administration Act of St. Lucia, the Citizenship by Investment Act and the Regulations made under the Act.

Anthony, whose St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration lost the last general election here in 2016, is also seeking declarations that the agreements to grant concessions are “irrational and an abuse of the discretionary powers of the government of St. Lucia”.

The High Court is also being asked to order an injunction on the project if it rules in favour of the claimant.

“I have taken this step because I believe that the agreements as presently exist are not in the best interest of my constituents, the neighbouring constituencies of Vieux Fort North and Augier/Laborie and indeed, the people of St. Lucia,” Anthony said.

“The agreements will destroy and/or inflict considerable harm on the farmers in my constituency and nearby communities. Already, several cattle farmers have lost their animals because of the indiscriminate removal of fencing protecting grazing grounds by the contractor engaged in preparing the horse racing site.

“The traditional grazing grounds on the Beausajour site no longer exists. Some farmers have also abandoned their animals and their crops as a direct result of the actions of the government,” he said, adding ‘It is irrational to deactivate a just completed meat processing facility which was a gift from a foreign government at a cost of approximately EC$24 million (One EC dollar=US$0.37 cents), the location of which was once held to be strategic to cater for the needs of the farmers in the immediate and surrounding communities”.

Anthony, who is also an attorney, argues that the agreements strips the people of Vieux Fort of their patrimony, access to beaches and surrounding lands.

“Vieux Fortians will become prisoners in their own community. The proposed development will undoubtedly suffocate the town of Vieux Fort and its future expansion and development. Further, I cannot accept that the site which accommodates the National Stadium should be yielded to DSH,” Anthony said.

He said that the proposed method of financing the proposed development “is outrageous and an abuse of the goodwill of the people of St. Lucia.

“These agreements are not, in my view, in the interest of my constituents and indeed the people of Saint Lucia. As I have said before, I will oppose these agreements with every ounce of strength that I have,” said Anthony, who is by represented by a team headed by Dominican Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan.


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  1. Since the Americans left Bean field, nothing of any significance happened.
    The U.S. built the original runway and later extended it only for their use
    and left. Have anything worthwhile taken place since, not to my knowledge.
    V/Fort has remained static only for the benefit of some farmers to exploit.
    There is word that some developer from some far away land has seen an
    opportunity to change the place into a LAS VEGAS, SOUTH. I ask you now,
    what's wrong with that? what is the colour of money and the shape of water?
    the sound of music, the kind of dance, will they build Grave yards or casinos?
    People, wake up and smell the coffee, or maybe you wanna stay the same


  2. Some body need to throw the old geezer azz in a nursing home and bury the key under the key Piton.He hates the people of Vieux-Fort yet them old bats cannot see what's going on are you all serious? Let's go Mr Prime Minister Make Vieux-Fort Great Again the second capital of St.Lucia.


  3. Is it that the bastard son of a white plantation owner is steadfastly following in his father's footsteps, all hell-bent on still trying to keep black people down today in this country?

    The remnants of slavery have not left this country. Do not fool yourself for one minute Consider the recent past.

    The people asked for education. They substituted a half-baked computer giveaway programme. Some children watched porn and some played games.

    The people asked for decent homes, housing and roads. SLP created THREE ghettos, namely, GRAVE YARD, EGARD and BRUCE VILLE. The plywood and galvanize giveaways may have well been thinly disguised election contributions and narco-industry money laundering.

    The people also asked them for employment. They got instead temporary off-and-off pre-voting payments with the highest level of technology in use being a cutlass, some seeming to cut roadside grass. Genius!

    How can people steeped in a slave plantation background and environment know anything about how to develop an economy? The results speak for themselves.

    So right now they are fighting tooth and nail to return us and the country back to what they know. To their minds, our rightful place is right back to low-level grass-cuting STEP jobs. This is what they know. This is what befits black people.

    And who are those two very kind low self-esteemed and insecure house negroes in the SLP who burdened us with this curse? They are walking in plain sight.

    Useful idiots, they hunted and peeped and found their vetting skills realised in a paper-pushing mandarin in the backwoods of the region, in the CARICOM Secretariat in Guyana. This is how the slave legacy got a fresh start. The slave plantation legacy in Saint Lucia then got a new lease on life.

    The white plantation establishment has always used the judiciary to maintain the status quo. They have the personnel in place They have the money to pay, obtained by fair means or foul. The system is rigged.


  4. We don’t need this Chinese occupation . Stop CI


    • Oh what a shock it would be if S.L.P continues the project as is what the hell are ya'll going to say. S.L.P doesn't care about anything only coming back in power and they will do and say anything to achieve this and once they are in same shit will be happen just wait and see. S.L.P has no plans for development of this country for 2020 farless 2030. Bunch of jokers.


  5. You right stop it and stop it now. How dare Chastanet try and do a project of that magnitude down V-Fort when you had the project sitting on the shelf for nearly two years while you and some of your boys figured out ways to milk money from it and also didn't have the foresight to make the project what it has now changed to in-cooperating all those investments. Because if you don't stop it you will look like an ASS for being the rep for so long and not doing anything significantly to improve V-Fort, the V-Fort people unemployment and the proper development of the new Mecca of St.Lucia. But guess what all what you don't want to see is what you will see. But I guess after all these Court cases which will tie up the project and by your hopes Chastanet will be out of Government within the next 2 yrs I seriously want to see what ya'll are going to do. But I already know continue with the project as is and make everyone believe the S.L.P Government had no choice. I seriously don't know why S.L.P had to lose the elections of 2016 because the country has never been out of election mode and all the nasty under handed tactics has never stopped. I would like to ask the S.L.P once they come back into office to change the constitution and make St.Lucia a one party state because by the way they are acting the S.L.P never does anything wrong and they are the only party who can Govern St.Lucia.


  6. 🌍The shitstem is rigged🌋

    I hope he realize his voice is now like a common st.lucian shouting from across the streets when they were asking him about the grinburg project.politicians are their worst enemies.


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