Former PM congratulates UWP

Former PM congratulates UWP
UWP candidates
UWP candidates
UWP candidates

PRESS RELEASE – Former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny D. Anthony has issued the following statement:

“On behalf of the Saint Lucia Labour Party and also on my personal behalf, I congratulate Mr. Allen Chastanet, Leader of the United Workers Party on his victory at the polls today, June 6, 2016.

On all accounts, this was a convincing victory. It is clear there was a major national swing against the Saint Lucia Labour Party.

I wish the people of Saint Lucia the very best as we embark on this new journey.

As to my future, I do not intend to serve as the Leader of the Opposition and indeed, Political Leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party. I will, however, continue to serve my constituents of Vieux-Fort South and support my other Parliamentary colleagues in their various constituencies as they seek to protect the interests of their constituents.

I am deeply grateful for the honour of serving the people of Saint Lucia as Prime Minister for nearly three terms.

My special thanks to the people of Vieux-Fort South for electing me as their Parliamentary Representative for the fifth time.”


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  1. For the 5th time? Say youba looser because you only won by a small margine . If Mondesire was not a lazy man you would have been out. Allan needs to put heat on Mondesire


  2. It is good to be gracious in defeat. Let us all put aside our petty political differences and work together to ensure that Saint Lucia, its economy and people are prosperous.


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