Former PM reflects on former Cuban president’s legacy

Former PM reflects on former Cuban president’s legacy
Santa Lucia president Kenny Anthony, left, visits former Cuban leader Fidel Castro on Wednesday.
Santa Lucia president Kenny Anthony, left, visits former Cuban leader Fidel Castro on Wednesday.
Dr. Kenny Anthony, left, visits former Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

Former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony who shared a close friendship with the late revolutionary leader of Cuba Fidel Castro, reflected on his legacy and spoke about his personal encounters with the former president.

Below is Dr. Anthony’s full statement posted on social media on Sunday:

“Fidel’s death was expected but never for one moment did I think it would come this year. It has truly been an “annus horribilis” (a horrible year), in more ways than one. So much has been incomprehensible and unimaginable.

No tribute can ever be enough to honour Commander Fidel Castro. None will be enough to capture this extraordinary and remarkable man.

There is so much to remember about him: his brilliant and incisive intellect; his prodigious memory; his vast sweep of knowledge; his command of statistics; his humanitarian instincts; his passion for uplifting the poor and the downtrodden; his unflinching and unyielding loyalty to his beliefs; and yes, his incredible sense of humor.

There were many touching moments in the friendship that we shared. When my wife and I had spinal surgery in Cuba some years ago, he made it his duty to visit us during our recovery. We spoke about the world, the Caribbean and in particular, its people and leadership whom he genuinely loved and respected, the future of civilization, new and emerging technologies and of course, gentler subjects like health care and maintenance.

He often ribbed me about my weight, even counselling me about my diet. More than once he accompanied me to the airport in his car. Those trips were opportunities for conversations, personal and otherwise. Despite the presence of security, his weapon of choice was placed at his feet. When I asked in jest why he needed the weapon, he laughed and replied,”the revolution has to be protected day and night, twenty four hours a day.”

Much has been written about him these past few hours. But we, the black peoples of this world, must never, ever forget that it was Cuban soldiers, under the command and leadership of Fidel and Raul Castro, who sacrificed their lives in Africa, to help to dismantle apartheid in South Africa, hasten the independence of Nambia, and secure the liberation of Mozambique and Angola. The rest of the world watched the oppression of the black man,did nothing; some participated and even apologised for it. This extraordinary contribution of Cuba to Southern Africa must never be forgotten.

The world has lost an inspiration, an icon, but I have lost a friend, a comrade. This is a man that history will not see again.There is and there will be, none like him.”


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  1. We still should not forget the bad he has done Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela fight for freedom in a different way and it came but he did some good although the people are still suffering


  2. 1234 and a whole bunch of you go read a history book. You continue to make yourself idiots! Ignorance in this day and age is unforgivable...




  4. Its amazing how most people here know absolutely NOTHING about Fidel Castro. They only know what other people have said, or what BBC or CNN told them.

    The don't know what hell on earth Cubans experienced before Castro. Revolution doesn't just fall from the damn sky, it takes some really messed up circumstances to inspire a revolution.

    Read a damn book and educate yourselves before drinking every glass of propaganda the US pours you. Castro has your best interests at heart more than the US ever will.

    And instead of going to New York every year and fulling your fat rasses with Mc Donalds, why dont you visit Cuba and see for yourselves how loved Fidel was by his people.


    • how loved he was by his people, right, the cubans in cuba are told to shut up and morn, the ones in america are dancing in the street, they really loved him didnt they, dictator is dictator, he separated families, he killed his people, what you are basically trying to say young buck is that the saudi arabia assassinated kim jong un, and they taking over north korea, its still bondage, Castro made a revolution how ever he killed his own people and lived like a king, and no one listens to cnn they have a 6% trust rate by their own people, but people with your mentality will say Castro was great, Castro ran on fraud, but you would have people to believe that Castro was one of the best leaders in the world, plain and simple Castro was a ruthless son of a bit*h, i pay no respect to this piece of trash.


    • cnn and bbc are pro Castro if you cant read through the lines, and its people like you that will say that america stole the land, leftist ideology .


      • So a few cubans which represent what... 0.2% of the cuban population are celebrating so castro is a bad guy?

        Do you know who castro and che overthrew? The sick bastard who slaughtered entire villages and had a death count rising to the 100, 000. The bastard who was in league with the cartels and lived in wanton extravagance while his people starved. The SAME GUY WHO HAD THE FULL SUPPORT OF THE USA.

        Educate urself. You have been indoctrinated and lost all objectivity. Visit Cuba and put the matter to rest because I can assure you no cuban eh starving. Visit cuba then visit detroit. Then come here to spew more nonsense.


  5. History will reveal the truth about Fidel . Let history be the judge and your guide. " Give to Caesar what is Caesar".


  6. Fidel Castro leaves a legacy that benefitted and continues to benefit the world at large and I will hasten to say , that his legacy is unsurpassed by every US president since JFK. Those that criticize Fidel are not students of history but mere sponges of American propaganda. You must be careful of what you read coming to of hell. When . When America cannot get it's way with you, it will do what it does best. Inflict it's propaganda war.


    • so what you are saying is that Castro never did anything wrong, he was a great guy, and there was not a drop of blood, well guess hitler was a good man as well.


    • i like to use this example to sum up what castro did, his relationship with us vs his people, its like someone telling their starving kid " Shut the hell up while i feed your cousin" and by pointing out the good he did, its like saying hitler loved his family, kim jong un loves dennis rodman, but you say don't criticize him, am sorry, he was a spiritual leader like the pope basically said.


  7. The puppet has lost its puppet master. How forlorn and pathetic it looks! Our ministers have no stars.


  8. WAIT A MINUTE! I was no fan of Castro with regards to his dictatorship however, have we forgotten his country's contribution in the development of our education and health? Really St Lucians, we should be the last country to utter a negative word when many of us have personal doctors who were qualified via Cuban scholarships. As for the number of persons who were given free eye examinations and treatments etc.


    • understood, with that said he was a dictator, did he defend black people sure, did he kill his own people sure, he is a dictator. How ever he helped up cant be justified by what he did to his people. where is the damn truth and justice in today's world, its like saying Hitler helped his people, sure he also killed the Jews, didn't make him a hero, these people are pieces of trash.


  9. It seems that many of you commenting here today have been drinking the propaganda juice fed to you by Americans and others in the Western media aka; white media. When has dictatorship ever stopped the Americans from doing business with another country? Do any of you know that Americans have always been doing brisk business with both Russia and China will pretending to care about human rights and putting it neatly under the table to further their economic interests? Do you realise the magnitude of Castro's achievement under years of economic embargo by the Americans? Count one, most educated country in the Western hemisphere? In fact the highest in the world. Count two, life expectancy top 100 in the world. St Lucia is there at the top too by the way. I need to take a good walk by Castries market to get some bois banday because that secret must be in the spices and foods we eat. Count three, universal health care, an achievement by no Caribbean or Latin American country or the mighty propaganda machine in the north. Count four,the lowest crime rate in the hemisphere. There is something to be said about letting criminals and gangs know who is in charge. I am not found of dictatorship but he achieved some remarkable progress under very difficult economic circumstances. Certainly very much UNLIKE the wannabe polpots that we had in charge in St Lucia the past five years. They had no ideology except their pockets with very little exception in that group .


  10. If ever we needed further proof that this man should never have been allowed to become PM. Sir John Compton was so right. Imagine look at what the cat dragged in also, Maduro. Like him, Kenny gutted and shuttered businesses countrywide. What an academic moron!


  11. for all of you idiots that think castro was good man try moving to cuba and see what censorship and lack of free speech is like. kenny was just like him. the slp is dead just like castro


    • i for one totality disagree with your statement the Cuban revolution have being the front line against oppression, neo colonialism it was the Cuban revolution that made the black people of the world fight for freedom for anywhere around there was the talk of freedom he Cuban will help liberate that country so for you now to about commander Fidel in such a way means you don't know your history and you only go by what you here in the news whats about the embargo the America place on the Cuban people that cause the cuban people to suffer the imperialist America who is responsible for every war since world war2 i don't here you speaking about that you brainwash prick


      • brainwash? you are a prime example and spoken like a true communist. you have no clue. talk or live with Cubans that have endured or escaped castro's dictatorship. let them tell you about their family and friends imprisoned and killed because they could not speak up for their freedom. cuba is further behind than any carribean nation in many areas and castro is the reason. if you think he is so great, then leave st. lucia and live there you socialist pig!


  12. Kenny you really are an idiot. do you cry on hitler's birthday too? your socialist ideas died here as well


  13. One of the greatest natural born leaders of our time. He denied the imperialistic ambitions of the american empire to his last while inspiring pride and nationalism in his people. Truly a remarkable man.

    As the power of the empire dwindles and china and russia position themselves in more assertive roles , how will we , the people of the caribbean respond? Will we continue to sell our talent and nationality for jeans and 24/7 pizza? Will we eye the American accomplishments with envy and wanton lust , drolling at the prospect of becoming contemporary blobs of fat? Or bedding some white behemoth to prove to ourselves that we have truly risen in society?
    Perhaps the time will come when we will look inwards and realise the unfathomable depth of our talent and potential. Maybe one day we will have the fiery national pride that american or the cuban has and we will put country above self and seek relentlessly to build and better our economy and society for future generations.
    Until then , the world will continue to view us monkeys who want to be american. A people with no national identity.

    Fidel was a beacon of hope. His rest, though well deserved, will deal a major blow to the caribbean.


    • so sad that the people who dis like his post are the brainwash masses they don't pay attention to whats happen around them there a lost people it will take a strong man like the great Fidel to change the slave mentality they have forgotten the past therefore they have forgotten themselves and who they are brainwash into they smart phones and thinking they are smart the time will come when all this bullshit will stop


      • lol, buddy i have to agree with you that Castro was a strong man, HOWEVER he was a dictator not on a communist china level but still a ruthless dictator, Castro was a piece of trash, a strong piece of trash at that.