Former MP wants ‘good governance’ restored

Former MP wants ‘good governance’ restored
Jeannine Compton-Antoine
Jeannine Compton-Antoine
Jeannine Compton-Antoine

Citizens’ involvement in major decision making is critical for Saint Lucia’s development and will see the full restoration of ‘good governance’, says Former Micoud North (MP) Jeannine Compton-Antoine.

Compton-Antoine, who will be contesting the next general election as an independent candidate for Micoud North, made this disclosure during an appearance on Talk with Rick Wayne on Thursday.

“There is a breakdown in terms of our governance structure,” she said.

The outspoken female politician noted that good governance is lacking at every level in Saint Lucia and she wants to see this changed, so that policy decisions would start reflecting citizens’ interests.

Compton-Antoine said government should begin implementing good decision-making processes, which will have a positive effect on local government, and help to develop good working relationships with communities.

“The foundation has been laid, but it seems that we are taking a jack hammer and breaking it apart, rather than building on that strong foundation to make things better,” she argued.

The former MP spoke of the need to restore local government election in Saint Lucia, that will help to develop and empower local communities. But called for partisan politics to be removed from this process.

She also spoke about the need for greater accountability and transparency in Parliament, explaining that the Public Accounts Committee may have met since 1997.

Compton-Antoine also stated that when she served as MP between 2007 and 2011, she made it her duty to tell the people through Parliament how she went about spending money allocated to her constituency and at that time urged other MPs to do the same.

Compton-Antoine is the daughter of Sir John Compton, former Prime Minister of Saint Lucia.


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  1. Education was never a guarantee of balls. We have to write accountability and transparency into our Constitution and the means by which politicians can be policed and brought to justice without risk to the complainants. How are you going to make accountable people who are judge, jury and executioner and hold all the cards? Oh, and have all the "best brains" riding on the JJE's bus? Remember that during our TV stint on Thursday Jeanine agreed the first corrective move had to be a people empowering constitution!


  2. Politician comes and give good speeches, say nice things only when they feel it necessary. All before the election campaign where was Mrs. Compton-Antoine to agitate this kind of thinking. We need to push for this kind of governance all through out not only when it's convenient for us to do so. St. Lucians need to be mindful of this type of politicing. She make sense but would prefer her not goin into a deep sleep after a general election and waking up fpr the next one to come up with these ideas. It need to be propagated all throughout until people get converted to those ideas.


  3. Way to go Jeannine. The best sounding candidate by far. Simple yet effective solutions to problems that they all are dancing around. If only we had more like you. Keep up the good fight, he people can pick sense out of the nonsense that is out there.


  4. Question:Did she present audited statements from an accounting firm? Until she presents audited accounts of how she spent the money given to her for the people, the statements she read in parliament has no value. She is engaging in selective transparency.Same old political tricks


    • I understand what you saying Kameron but not in her case is my believe.

      There's no need for audited statements from an accounting firm, that's what the Treasury and supposed Public Accounts Committee are there for.

      Lucia we in not New York.

      There mere fact she stated through Parliament what her constituents budget was spent on meant she opened herself to show/prove accountancy.

      Not sure it you saw her sessions in Parliament.

      You don't get many other Lucian politicians being as transparent as she was during her tenure.

      I strongly believe we need more of the likes of the Jeanines and Sarah's to transform politics in Lucia with the help of the electorate putting their feet down and not accepting the same old chicken and rum politricks.

      My view is that may only be done by a woman.


  5. Yes an educated polity would have long ago agitated for local government. Saint Lucians are still looking for handouts. The pappyshow continues in full force.


    • Why would they call her a spoiler when she has an equal chance to win in the general elections. All her vibes are positive. All the candidates should be running independently. Some win their seats solely on party affiliation.


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