Fmr Minister advises that pregnant 11-year-old be home-schooled

Fmr Minister advises that pregnant 11-year-old be home-schooled
* NOT the actual person.
* NOT the actual person.
* NOT the actual person.

The authorities are being advised to provide home-schooling for the pregnant 11-year-old from Micoud, because this might be her only chance of acquiring an education.

Micoud South Member of Parliament (MP) and former Education Minister, Arsene James, said he sees this as the best way for her to continue her education, without having to feel embarrassed.

He said if she is allowed to continue her education at school, it may send a wrong message to the other students, who might start viewing her pregnancy as something that is acceptable and they themselves might want to do it too.

When St. Lucia News Online (SNO) broke the story on April 14, James had expressed shock at the news.

“It sounds very strange…11-year-old? That is something that you do not often hear about. You would hear about a 15-year-old and 16-year-old, but 11?” he told SNO.

Education Minister, Dr. Robert Lewis, told the media recently that special arrangements to facilitate the pregnant 11-year-old, to write the Common Entrance Exam.

He also said that his ministry will work to ensure that the child’s education is not terminated.

The matter is currently being handled by the Human Services Department and police.


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  1. I could not believe what I was reading. What you are proposing is to take away this poor girls only chance to a somewhat normal life. Instead of outcasting her, the society should be helping her. Helping her to cope with the psychological impact, helping her giving birth, helping her to raise the child. The only thing this proposal is doing is penalizing the victim. Shame on you.


    • I gave this a thumbs up in ERROR.
      Homeschooling does NOT take a child's chance for normal life. Unless you understand the repercussions for an 11 yr old facing the disdain called hostile society by going to school at this juncture, then you should not comment. My children are homeschooled and they are by no means 'outcast'. School is NOT the only means of mingling with society. She may be at an academic advantage with specialized learning through homeschooling. John Legend was homeschooled, Condoleezza Rice was homeschooled, Gabby Douglas was homeschooled, the recent spelling bee champ is being homeschooled etc, etc..... Homeschooling is fine, you just need to find a niche and integrate via other means.


      • If she stayed home and didn't go and have sex she would have a normal life, this is her disadvantage to deal with not yours. Would you want your daughter to miggle with this girl and share ideas with each other?


    • She had a chance she ruined it this is what she has to do now, unless you were expecting a miracle where she is a virgin once again and not pregnant.


  2. The thought alone is outrageous. By not allowing this girl to school you are punishing the victim. You are taking away her last chance to have a sort of normal childhood. And saying that she would be a bad example to the other children... Maybe next thing you will propose is to get her arrested. She needs help. Help to deal with the psychological effect, help with the birth giving, help to raise the child. Do not stigmatize her and push her out of sight because she does not fit your idea of the perfect society.


    • Dude do you think of the number of things that could happen of she continues going to school, she could end up doing something stupid when she realizes everyone is talking about her and they won't b saying anything good, this could kill he baby also. I'm sure this girl would rather be home schooled. I would because I would be to ashamed to walk the streets with everyone staring.


  3. man go hide your self with your rubbish talk. Big man like you-- since when you hear pregnancy contagious. nonsense!!


    • It's not contagious it's called monkey see monkey do, sending her back to school won't b good everyone is quick to judge and everyone will be judging her, do you think being stressed out with what everyone has to say is healthy for this young lady, if she stays home she won't heat any gossip about her to stress her out.


  4. No. Mr. James will not be thenone to pay the tutor, the money will come from the step program.


  5. And who is going to protect her while at home? Whoever raped that child probably didn't do it while she was at school.


  6. You people are so ignorant! All you see is red or yellow. We can clearly see who understands the bigger picture. Until it lands on your doorstep you will continue to be insensitive. Stupid people!


  7. Homeschooling is great. I am currently homeschooling my children and it has been truly rewarding. My daughter has asthma and is also allergic to nuts, dust, pineapples etc. I decided to relieve myself of the frequent absent days and teach her plus the others myself. It is an excellent option for a family under any form of duress.


  8. Of course this child should be afforded the opportunity to continue her education. No one is saying that she shouldn't, she is definitely entitled to her education. But to talk about she having to write common entrance and going back to school during this stage of her pregnancy is ludicrous . The focus now should be on adequate counselling to ensure she receive the emotional and psychological support she needs to see her through this ordeal. After this, then everything must be done to ensure she continues her schooling.


  9. How is this helpful?? So they plan to hide and isolate her from the world. I am so sick of this lucian mentality. Always caring about what other people will think instead of doing what is right.


  10. I call B.S on this One, Home Schooling placed her there in the 1st Place! This young lady needs counseling and a mentor,preferably female...someone would check up on her periodically and guide/offer her advice in wise decision making. Then again... i guess most of our kids need this as well.


  11. I'm elated by the step the authority has taken to ensure this little precious child will continue her education. Tomorrow this innocent baby can be our next PM..
    Sad to read all the negative comments made by the st.lucians. We all are Gods children. His blood was shed for us all. Matthew 7:1-5 says do not judge.....(please read). Who do not have no sins cast the first stone.
    I am willing to help this little girl in any way I can. Please contact me at 340 6263084.
    I love you my child.


  12. Mr. James i think you are very correct this child need home schooling for the next 2 to 3 years....

    I would also love to see some person that have a very stable home take that child in for the 2 to 3 years also.

    This is the best way forward and the government or NGO assisting this child to become a model person in live.

    The division of child care need o little her mother from having contact with her.

    The social workers association must now put the social science skills to help this sad story.


  13. Oh many secondary school students get pregnant take the time off to have their baby and choose to return to the same school or another school. What embarrassed? Luckily for her she will be going to a new school. However they should have just assigned her to a school as opposed to allowing her to sit common entrance.


    • I agree with the last part of your statement that she should be assigned a school; the stress of the exam and the pregnancy might be too much for her young mind. However the home schooling part is maybe on point. She needs specialist care for a few years because she is 11 years old and we must not lose sight of that fact.
      Your first statement proves Mr James' comments about students seeing nothing wrong in teenage pregancy. Just because something is allowed does not make it alright.


    • Are you mad , so many children work hard and practice and take lessons to pass their common entrance so cause she pregnant that is supposed to be handed to her on a gold or silver platter. No if the other kids worked for them to pass so should she also and not just handed


    • You don't need to be a teacher to home school a child. stop being ignorant. All you need is the curriculum.


    • Isn't she in the care of the state? It is an idea to be explored don't write it off so quickly. The child is 11 after all!


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