Former Jamaican prostitute ‘Candy Baddy’ wants to ‘wow’ the world, launch music career

Former Jamaican prostitute ‘Candy Baddy’ wants to ‘wow’ the world, launch music career
Candy Baddy
Candy Baddy

(JAMAICA GLEANER) — “Can I get a wow?” In fact, internet sensation Candy Baddy got lots of ‘wows’ when she walked into THE STAR office yesterday, while stating that she has flashed ‘Mackerel’ out of her tin, and she is ready to take over the world.

“Mi feel good. Mi say mi rub out her career. Mi give her a run fi her money. She say she tek people man, but mi keep my man. Mi is a talented girl,” the 28-year-old woman said.

Candy, whose given name Kerisha Brandon, has garnered more than 22,000 fans on her Instagram page since a video of her dancing to Vybz Kartel’s Come Home went viral. But that was not the first time she was the centre of attention, as she previously made the rounds in a video in which she was seen performing fellatio on a bottle at a dance.

According to Candy, putting a smile on the faces of others makes her feel fulfilled. This is obvious based on the videos she often posts on her social media page.


However, behind the laughs is a woman, who has endured a lot of abuse, including being stabbed, robbed, and severely beaten.

Candy is a former student of Central Branch All-Age and Charlie Smith High schools. She, however, did not complete her studies at high school, stating that she was an uncontrollable teenager, who was eventually placed in state care.

“When mi go Glenhope [Place of Safety], dem couldn’t control mi, so dem put mi a Fort Augusta, and it get even worse. Mi was there from mi a 15, and mi come out when mi a 17,” she said.

Three years later, Candy got pregnant with her now eight-year-old daughter, but said she had to end the relationship with the child’s dad, who she claims was abusive.

“I couldn’t take it anymore, so mi just tell miself say mi a go go out there go face mi judgement alone with my belly. Mi go west Kingston go stay with some people. Mi madda did tell mi say anywhere mi catch mi cold, mi blow mi nose. But after mi daughter born she come visit her, and she take care of her. Is she mi daughter live with now,” the 28-year-old woman said.

Candy told THE WEEKEND STAR that she did a lot of things to survive, including prostituting on Old Harbour Road in St Catherine.

“I used to do business on the ‘road’. I used to dance in different clubs, and when mi can’t manage it nuh more, mi gone pon di road. And when mi cah badda again, mi go back pon di pole. Being on the road mean say mi used to do the tings dem. When the clients dem call mi, mi just say how much money yuh have, and once it right, mi go do mi ting,” she said.

She said that she was introduced to the prostitution circle last year by a friend, who told her that ‘business’ was good in Old Harbour.


“First day, mi go a man a look mi, but mi spirit never take him at all. Mi find out later say the man have AIDS. The next day mi go back, and a next youth ask mi how much mi a sell fa, and mi tell him $2,500. Him ride a bicycle, and him ask mi how much to spend di night. Likkle after that him toe mi on him bicycle and carry mi home, and from that day, mi nuh lef di bwoy,” she said.

Candy said she recently stopped selling her body. She explained that while prostitution pays the bills, she will never return to the trade after having a few near death experiences.

“Mi get rob several times. Mi all deh Burke Road, and the girl dem call man to rob mi, and all inna mi mole dem stab mi. Mi get stab inna mi chest and arm. Is a whole lot me go through on da road deh, so mi just take mi likkle time draw out,” she said.

“Mi nuh regret being on the road, but mi decide to stop because mi see how mi coulda dead out deh. A nuff time condom burst, and mi run go pee pee same time. Sometimes man all waa give mi ecstasy.”

With that life behind her, Candy said that she focused on launching a music career and becoming a choreographer with the assistance of her management team Kido Stealth Street Entertainment. She stated that she is focused on capitalising on her new found fame.

“She has been getting a lot of bookings, and persons have reached to us from Wisynco for her to promote Wata after she made the video about Wata with wow,” added her manager, Kido.


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