Former DPP hopes to become CCJ judge

By SNO Staff

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DPP Victoria Charles-Clarke.

DPP Victoria Charles-Clarke.

Former Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Victoria Charles-Clarke said she is interested in continuing her legal career and is currently looking at a number of options available.

The former DPP said one of the places she intends to apply to is the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ).

“With my experience, knowledge and background…I’ve worked in several areas in the justice system. I am hoping to utilize it at a regional or maybe an international level,” she stated.

Charles-Clarke said her passion about reforms in the justice system is one of the main reasons why she wants to pursue a career at the CCJ, which currently serves as the appellate court for four countries.

“I am very familiar and I have an intimate knowledge of many of the issues and challenges faced in the system and I think I have a contribution to make,” she added.

The former DPP was the lead facilitator at a recently concluded judicial conference in neighbouring St. Vincent.

Charles-Clarke served as a Magistrate at District Courts in Saint Lucia from 1992-1997. She later became the Registrar of the Supreme Court and served almost three years in that position. In 2002, she was appointed DPP and remained in that position until her retirement this year.

She holds a bachelor of law degree (LL.B, LCE) from the University of the West Indies (Cave Hill Campus) and a Legal Certificate in Education from the Hugh Wooding Law School.

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  1. Let’s hope that the replacement can look into alleged suspicious activity associated with falsification of the registry’s records dealing with birth certificates. We already have passports for sale. Are birth certificates the next thing for sale in the pipeline? SLP opened the doors to a can of worms. The maggots are gleefully feasting on the gangrene created by the political SLP mess being created.

  2. Wow! Some of these comments are so ridiculous! This is a woman who has given her heart and soul to her job as DPP. She worked tirelessly, left work late, worked on weekends, and did whatever she could with the limited resources she had. Please stop the ignorant talk, stop commenting about things you know nothing of!

  3. oh. didnt she know that Kenny has a big say in the CCJ. woman do your research before your start talking.

  4. I am ashamed to be St. Lucian based on some of the comments I see here. smh

  5. Such ignorant and uneducated comments!!!!! here…smh. Stop personalizing and sensationalizing the issue. No one has stated clearly what this lady has done that she failed. Wait! ……But before you comment do a through analysis of the entire justice system and hopefully you’ll will get it!!!!

    I will be back here to read your comments after she has joined the CCJ…hint?

  6. good luck Mrs. Clarke we wish you all the best des/

  7. LADY YOU SUCK ! You are a waste of tax payers money, your track record says it all.
    You couldn’t do your job so QUIT !! Now vamoose, disappear, get lost, lose your self, take a hike, jump fence !

  8. Go for it girl the sky is where it stops God bless you

  9. On what basis do we determined that she failed. My lady you have done nothing wrong.Aim high and keep doing a good job!

  10. Please use lubricant

    You will fit right in , CCJ is a joke ……….

  11. Woman please.just rest and enjoy your retirement. Waste of government money

  12. Shame on you woman. Considering your pathetic performance as the DPP in St, Lucia, what makes you think any one in their right mind would want to see you involved in anything to do with the justice system in the caribbean? take a break and enjoy your retirement in peace and tranquillity.


  13. This lady must be appointed a judge.. She is lazy and have no clear understanding of basic law.

    The Judicial committee must rejected her application forthwith.

    It goes to show she just taxpayers jobs and will not venture into private service because she will get no customers/applicants.

  14. What did she do that fail her because she didn’t please Kenny

  15. Please can we have a referendum on this damn CCJ. Apparently its just a place for retired legal luminaries to go and get super rich in the twilight of their careers. I’m sure KDA has his heart set on it if he doesn’t become President.

  16. You failed locally as DPP and now you have you eyes set on the CCJ???

    • so darn true!! ! But this is Caribbean Court so anything is possible! my gosh! when they in the public service doing nothing and for some using their position for ill gains they dont think about tommorow and the next steps.

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