Former Convent student caught with drugs at airport, fined

Former Convent student caught with drugs at airport, fined
The George Charles Airport
The George FL Charles Airport

A former student of St. Joseph’s Convent Secondary, who was nabbed at the George FL Charles Airport with almost four pounds of cannabis on Dec. 4, 2011, was fined $4,500 when she appeared in court yesterday, Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2012.

Michelle Mingo pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled drug – cannabis but not guilty to the other two charges: possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply and possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply another.

In sentencing Mingo, Magistrate Christine Phulchere said she took into consideration that Mingo cooperated with police, it was her first offense, and she pleaded guilty.

“Whether it is three pounds or 30 pounds this is still a serious offence.  You are young but not so young and should know better,” Phulchere said.

The magistrate added that Mingo is the product of one of the finest schools on the island and had already pursued higher education.  She said these attributes should have instilled some level of caution despite the socio- economic realities.

Magistrate Phulschere noted that the starting point for this offense is a $6,000-fine and the value of the cannabis, which is between $1,800 and $2,500.

The actual fine imposed on Mingo, after all the elements were taken into account, was $4,500, payable in two equal monthly installments on December 27, 2012 and January 28, 2013. In default, Mingo will spend eight months in prison.

The accused is set to return to court on March 4, 2012 regarding the two charges she pleaded not guilty to.

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  1. Going to a convent school is a privilege denied of many other children in St Lucia. This young lady was set up on a high pillar from the start in life, which was wasted.


  2. Why do we always think the school has something to do with it makes no difference what school you went to, students from low ranking have became more successful in life than students who went to the best schools.


  3. Fact: everyone that has something bad to say about convent girls are the jealous ones. I'm sure if this girl went to another school it would have probably been mentioned. A former 'convent girl' myself, I know that what the school teaches us about achieving goals, hard work, challenging societal issues, and decorum and self-worth are par none. It is therefore each girls responsibility to take what they learn at the school and apply it to their lives outside of convent. Maybe our aforementioned friend didn't do that just some other girls don't do that. It's wrong to stereotype convent girls because of some bad examples. Every school can produce fine members of society if the students allow it...all this talking down gets us nowhere.


  4. some people and theeir ignorance amazes me...the point the magistrate was trying to make was that being a student from fine lineage, that just isn't expectage,......Now, to the idiots that stating because she went to convent she got away with a tap ont he wrist, stop your ignorance!!!!....wahh....comparing a girl with some marijuanna to a woman who with all intent took her husband's gun, pointed it at his head, and shot him???.......stupid must be flowing in the air and convent to high up in the hills to catch it!!!!!SMH


  5. When it rough it rough only you know how it feel when the shit hits the fan and only you can do what it takes to survive in this dog eat dog world we are living in now. It doesn't matter what school she went to or how much education she has this won't stop her from trying to make ends meet don't matter how. So if the judge can blast her then what she leave for all them well off businessmen and women that have money and they still pulling string to make the little under dog that ain't got shit like Miss Mingo go and traffic drugs.


  6. our justice systems just SUCK if you go to a well known school or have some big name or just because you are female you`re free or get a little sentence.Am looking forward to two cases Dona lin for shooting her husband (a police officer )in the face and the young lady who stabbed her boyfriend saturday morning. Let`s see the out come of these two cases.


  7. That is the mentality lucians have that pisses me off every time ..what does it matter what school she went to ..What was the point the magistrate was trying to imply because she went to convent she not suppose to be involve in that ?..


  8. I guess Ignorance is bliss. I went to convent and have yet to steal, prostitute, fight, lie or traffic drugs. So strange :S


  9. Magistrate stunned by Convent? Let's have this convo after sje presides over a St Mary's college former student case >_<


  10. What's with mentioning her alma mater,I sure if it was another school,that wouldn't have been said.Point is she just like every other female who commits crime.


  11. If she had attended the Vide Bouteille Secondary School, would her former alma mater have been mentioned?


  12. Well Magistrate I don't know about you but Convent girls steal, prostitute, fight, lie, traffic drugs and do as much crime as other women on St. Lucia. I learned the worst things I know to date from Convent girls and I didn't attend their SCHOOL. Surprise face?


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