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Former Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Stephen King has offered an embattled colleague a safe way out of a very unhealthy situation.

Throwing a lifeline to the defiant Dr. Gilbertha St Rose after she was fined $10,000 and her medical license suspended for six months for illegally prescribing the drug Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19, Dr. King suggested that Dr. St. Rose should formally “apply for clinical trials of Ivermectin.”

Dr. King, a former CMO, is well aware of the procedures involved in the promotion and selection of drugs for medication under Saint Lucia’s laws and is suggesting his colleague takes a more practical and legal approach to the issue.

But Dr. St Rose and her supporters have instead decided to up the ante and take their protest to the streets – through a protest and signature campaign planned for Sunday (December 19) at the Derek Walcott Square.

The Freedom Coalition, a supportive group led by Freemont Lawrence which mounted a flash protest demonstration in Constitution Park last month without police approval, has organized Sunday’s campaign to collect signatures to be forwarded to the Office of the Prime Minister.

Lawrence says the Coalition has already held public meetings in Anse La Raye, Canaries and Soufriere promoting Ivermectin and opposing the approved vaccines currently in use (Oxford-AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Janssen).

He also says the coalition is collecting recordings of persons who claim to have suffered complaints after receiving the vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).

As a member, Saint Lucia can only use WHO-approved drugs to treat COVID, unless the government decides otherwise.

But Dr. St Rose does not accept this, leading to the SLMDC accusing her of disregarding and failing to fulfill her duty, in many respects, as a medical practitioner.

Before and after being legally disciplined by the Council, Dr. St Rose had alleged she was being personally hounded by the current CMO (Dr. Sharon Belmar George).

But Council President Dr. Andre Matthews has publicly reminded the defiant doctor that the CMO is simply carrying out her duty under the Health Practitioners Act.

He says the CMO “is the medical practitioner authorized by Laws of Saint Lucia to educate the public in the preservation of health” and to “protect the public from fraud or deception in connection with food and medications.”

He also indicated the CMO’s role is to “direct the public medical service and manage the treatment and isolation of all suspected or confirmed cases of communicable diseases, like Covid-19.

The Council recently found Dr. St Rose had violated at least five basic principles governing her practice under the law, including refusing to inform the CMO she was treating COVID-19 patients and prescribing a drug not authorized by the WHO.

According to Dr. Matthews, the International Health Regulations adopted by Saint Lucia “is an instrument of international law which legally binds Saint Lucia” (and other members of the WHO) and “also requires that health measures be implemented by member-states based on specific guidance or advice from the WHO.”

But Dr. St. Rose and Mr. Lawrence have shown, in words and deeds, by their statements and actions to date, that they completely dismiss, reject and will not be guided by the Laws of Saint Lucia when it comes to the promotion of Ivermectin.

Lawrence says the proposed December 19 petition will “oppose mandatory vaccination and support Dr St. Rose.”

He told the press earlier this week, “We support Dr. St Rose and the use of Ivermectin and other treatments and the freedom of choice.
“A treatment should not be imposed on anyone.”

Regarding the planned Sunday signature campaign to petition the government, he says, “We intend to present it to the Prime Minister and then see how the government decides to deal with it.”

But neither Dr. St Rose, nor Mr. Lawrence, have reacted to the free and friendly advice from the experienced Dr. King: apply for clinical trials for Ivermectin. (ends)

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One comment

  • nudge

    December 26, 2021 at 6:57 am

    This late incursion into the ‘medical totalitarianism’ fray by King is quite disingenuous!

    He is pretending (like the current CMO & SLMDA) not to know of all the peer-reviewed clinical trials of Ivermectin around the globe; pretending that expert virologists have not already developed programs of early treatment & prophylaxis for Covid-19 using Ivermectin in combination with other drugs.

    This is not a lifeline for Dr. St. Rose; it is a stalling play to allow the CMO and the SLMDA to continue as lapdogs of the corrupt WHO by injecting St. Lucians with “vaccines” that don’t work, so that Big Pharma can continue to milk their cash cow for years to come.

    Stephen King has confirmed that medical hypocrisy has trumped the Hippocratic Oath in St. Lucia!


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