Forestiere man worry bandits will strike again

Forestiere man worry bandits will strike again

A resident of Forestiere who was recently robbed by three armed bandits said he is fearful of being attacked again.

Phillip “Sonny” John was robbed of cash, the keys to his house and minibus, and a cellular phone on Friday, September 19.

John told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in an interview today that he never expected that he would have been robbed, but the situation has made him more alert.

In recounting the ordeal, John told SNO that at about 5 a.m. on Friday morning, as he was preparing to leave his home for work, the three gunmen approached him and demanded that he remain silent.

He said one of the bandits went on to hit him on his head using a gun.

“They told me to lie down and took my hands and tied it with my belt,” he explained.

John said one of the bandits then proceeded to push his hands in his pocket and took away his money and cellular phone. The bandits then placed John to lie flat on the ground and used a piece of rope to tie his legs and asked for the keys to his house.

After taking the keys, they then placed a rag in his mouth. The bandits escaped, leaving John at the back of the yard tied up and gagged.

John, who has been living in Forestiere for some 20 years or more, recalled that a few years back, his home was invaded by bandits. However, they did not manage to get any valuables and escaped by foot.

He told SNO that there have been a few reports within the Forestiere community of break-and-enters and stealing. John said this issue needs to be addressed by the authorities.

John has changed all the locks to his house and placed a protection on his vehicle until he can get a replacement key.

“I don’t trouble people. I am working and hustling. Leave me alone nah man. If you all want money go and work. If it’s marijuana you want go and rob somebody who got money.”

John, who occupied the home alone, now has the company of a nephew. His family lives overseas.


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  1. These bandits are already armed so you being armed would not be enough. You would have to install some cameras to your home and get some good dogs to alarm you of intruders. They should be well trained as to not eating anything thrown to them on the ground or floor.


  2. just thinking maybe these same bandits could have been the responsible for the death of CHEREECE BENOIT (deceased). Thats what the police need to take into consideration as they investigate the matter. Theses bandits..Thats their style.. To leave pple gaged and tied up. awa wii.. so they should be captured, arrested for that matter and for Chereece Benoit's matter


    • that comment gave me aids...the last line stole my oxygen...u could have made such a comment if they had killed the driver and didnt take benoit's case...she was killed but not hard is it to make a link here??? whoever robbed the driver are petty criminals due to the nature of that robbery and the concrete fact that they left the driver alive...therefore they can't be the same ones who "killed" the girl in her home...and left the house taking nothing...i now have 10 days to live


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