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Forest Spring says product recall relates to only one batch of water bottle

By Forest Spring

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forestspringsPRESS RELEASE – We hereby inform the public of an isolated incident related to ONE specific batch of water produced by Forest Spring; batch number 319 27/04/18 We are investigating the reports we received about this batch being defective.

PLEASE NOTE THAT IT HAS YET TO BE DETERMINED THAT THE BATCH IS CONCLUSIVELY DEFECTIVE. However, we have taken the decision and precaution to recall this batch of water in the event that the batch is truly defective.

We advise the public to please do not consume any water which is part of the aforementioned batch. We are taking every possible measure to remove the selected product from the market and we are also taking all necessary steps towards ensuring that this doesn’t recur.

Please note well that this is the first time in the 8 years of Forest Spring doing business in St. Lucia, that we have to issue a product recall.

The quality of our product is of the utmost importance to us and we will work very hard towards ensuring that there will be no future product recalls (unlike competing brands who have experienced numerous product recalls).

Forest Springs is by far the highest quality of bottled water available in St. Lucia today and we are proud to say so!

Please contact us at 455 1100 for further information regarding the product recall.”


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  1. i am very concerned like many other people posting comments here, bcuz forest srpings water has been my bottled water of choice for the past few years. i hav promoted it to family and friends alike. now this happens...and trust me i dont know if i will ever drink forest springs water again.
    i know the company will never release the truth about what the contamination was and the possible side effects, but the seriousness of the situation calls for the bureau of standards in st lucia or the region to step in and do an investigation.
    i could get sick and not even kno that the sickness was caused by this contaminated bottled water bcuz the company is not saying anything. could this cause vomitting, belly pains, gastro, or even more serious illness like cancer.
    Forest Springs has some serious work to do in order for me to feel safe drinking that water again.

  2. Its a merlercious act ,me him after this I would try to ship the water to order countries

  3. Forest Spring if you had just stuck to the facts saying "one batch may have been contaminated.....and you are recalling" it then this press release would have served you well. All this unnecessary info on "8 years" etc. only serves to get customers suspicious. You are not the first company to re-call products. Next time ask for advice on these things cause it exposes your inexperience.

  4. Update. WASCO water is the best. Adults and children throughout St. Lucia have been consuming WASCO water for decades with minimum incidents. In my humble opinion persons should refrain from consuming bottled water. Are there residual chemicals in those bottles?. Can those bottles chemical composition remain intact when they are being transported in extreme environmental conditions?. Is it actually safe to refrigerate bottled water?.

  5. Unfortunately, I doubt the company can say what transpired to have this batch of water recalled but the way this was handled created fear after the cornbeef issue. One isolated event which has not even been confirmed was the company's fault and not the consumers created such an uproar.

  6. So Forest Springs saying that every batch of water they have produced over the last 8 years has been fit for public consumption though they know that is not true. smh

  7. I want to know what kind of contamination. And all the side effects because my whole family drunk at least 18 of that batch during this week. Concerned citizen.

  8. Boy jah does really watch over ppl for real, my mom and sis that's the only water they buying and they have been trying to get me to buy that water also. Which I never did smfh, imma stick to what I know Blue water and Clear offense.

  9. Damage control eh! I boiling all that spring water from now on.

  10. thanks for doing the right thing

  11. Just checked a bottled i just drank the last drop n there is the batch number ...o my what do i do .this scary

  12. That info only came out today....I'm positive that ppl were not even aware n may have consumed the water.will they be compensated

  13. In the event that someone has purchased or consumed the said product...what steps should that person take.........

  14. What precautions should consumers of that alleged bad batch of H2o take to minimize organ damage, pending the investigations ? Remedies please !

  15. We as rastafarian community have been promoting forest springs from inception. This water source has always been ohr number one choice. However, Forest springs you need to responsibility of this one bottled or batch water because it has been costumed by the customers. This press release issued by forest springs seems to me was written in a okay that is nothing approach.... so one life do not matter to you guys at forest spring....Seriously... if it was a white man or woman all now sooo you and and managing team will be kissing those folks feet... Contamination of a batch or one bottle is a serious matter because persons suffering of gastroenteritis and more from this so called simple defects in yourll books...

    • Do not be mad.....take responsibility of the situation at hand....we not saying mistakes or unforseen incidents cannot happen but take responsiblity in this matter.


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