Forensic Lab set to reopen soon under new management

Forensic Lab set to reopen soon under new management
Saint Lucia’s Forensic Lab
La Corbiniere. Photo credit:
La Corbiniere. Photo credit:

The sudden closure of the forensic lab at Tapion has been met with several criticisms, but government is currently working to have it re-opened under new management soon.

Minister of National Security Victor Lacobiniere has said Cabinet has taken some decisions with regards to the forensic lab, one of which is to allow an independent entity to run the operations.

“We are working towards starting a fairly detailed approach to operationalising the forensic lab within the next month,” Lacobiniere disclosed on Tuesday, November 17.

While this is happening, the minister said that the police are sending DNA and other samples for testing overseas. According to him, one batch of about 40 cases were dispatched early this week.

The closure of the forensic lab has however affected the ability of the Police Force to move forward with a number of serious crimes, according to senior police officials.

The lab was reportedly short on material to conduct forensic tests, which initially caused operations to slow down at the facility. It was later shut down and remains closed for the past six months.

The government had initially said that the closure would last for one week. Nothing has ever been said about the closure, except reports of plans to conduct an audit of the facility.

It currently has six units – a Chemistry Unit, Toxicology Unit, Biology Unit, Trace Evidence Unit, DNA Testing Unit and Crime Scene Support & Training.

The facility which cost government $6 million to build has been plagued by controversy since its opening in 2009.


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  1. What about the dissappearing drugs? The minister said a major investigations was underway. Seems it has gone under the carpet. Surley the credibility and reputaion of the lab and its workers are at stake untill there is transparency and the air is thoroughly cleared. Where will be the trust without that


  2. They need to first sort out the allegations of the dissappearing. Did that happen? who were responsible? What will be done to those persons. Ther must be accountability as the lab will have no credibility and its reputation smeared. before the lab actually closed very little was happening so that must be addressed. What about all the dormant equipment that has been sitting inoperative for so long a time. What gives a lab its worth is its reputation and credibility. Labs cannot buy that they have to earn that. To earn that you must have a cadre of highly trained and experienced scientists. It cannot just be closing the lab today nd opening it tomorrow. All of the interventions made must be stated and nothing swept under the carpet. Thats the only way.

    But 40 cases from st. lucia being sent for overseas testing. That will be a tremendous amount of time and money. Tax payers money again


  3. I know this man`s father and he would be so disappointed in him ... I am so upset right now that you have no idea they way he speaks is as if this isn`t important at all St Lucians need to get this man out of office and start making these official accountable for thier offices or beaureau .... nonsense .... they find money to pay for all their expensive vehicles trips etc etc and yet still you can`t sort out a 6 million dollar lab you built and now you just have it going to waste why didn`t you invest that money into a school or house for homeless if you had no plans on using it... am just getting pissed with these type of things happening here.... Wake up People .... time to pay attention to whats happening on your doorsteps because chien ca mange dinner...


  4. La-Cobs with you past experience has taught me to wait and see what week turned to six months...then I guess one month could turn to two years..."do the math"


  5. WOW! Wonderful news. Now let's give the persons with the proper qualifications and training the opportunity to put their skills and qualifications to good use, to benefit us all!


  6. Hope they also tell us why it was closed! I hope innocent people do not lose their jobs as a cover up to protect a biggerhead!!! watching closely because ive heard the rumors.


  7. i hope it open for true and whilst it open i hope the people that work and manage it do a good job to and what ever yall do please with all your power get an independent entity as you said to run it and dont give it to government workers they are already slow and lackadaisical in the other agencies and registries we dont need that again in the forensic lab


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