Football turf expert to visit St. Lucia

Football turf expert to visit St. Lucia

football2PRESS RELEASE – The St. Lucia Football Association will be conducting inspections of the different Football Grounds with a consultant Dr. Stephen Baker who is the Head of Sports Service Technology of Sport Turf Research Institute (STRI).

The purpose of the inaugural visit is primarily to inspect the grounds and guide the SLFA as it prepares to embark on GOAL project #2.  Dr. Baker and STRI offer a full range of global services for the design, development, management and maintenance of football pitches and will determine the sustainability of the facility and to provide Artificial Surface for the upcoming Gold Project.

STRI which is focused on producing quality football pitches for all clients worldwide provides the following service:

  • Pitch Design and installation
  • Football pitch care and advice
  • Stadia pitch development and management
  • Emergency Pitch remediation and problem solving
  • Drainage and Irrigation solutions
  • Pitch quality and Performance
  • Improving skills and knowledge Training
  • Specialized training and courses in Turf management, Pest, Weeds and Disease control.

Dr. Stephen Baker will arrive in Saint Lucia on Thursday 5th November to 7th November and do the Formal Inspection and give advice of the recommended grounds.


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