Football coaches to participate in international training course

Football coaches to participate in international training course

PRESS RELEASE – Saint Lucia Football Association continues in its role to develop the sport of football on the island, and one of those avenues is in the field of coaching Development.

During the upcoming Olympic Solidarity Coaching course the participants will learn the fundamentals of coaching kids and young adults.

Whereas FIFA supports these Olympic Solidarity courses by appointing instructors and providing relevant course materials.

The Saint Lucia Football Association is charged with the responsibility to administer the course for its duration.

Thirty participants coming from clubs in the districts were recommended by their respective football Leagues and Councils to follow the course based on a memorandum of understanding that states that they will work with their Leagues and clubs for the next two years to undertake Youth Training Programs, Build the fundamentals of the game, and to apply Team management techniques in their development programs.

FIFA has appointed Mr. Jan Poulsen from the Netherlands as the Course Instructor.

After the opening ceremony for the course on Sunday 23 November 2014, the “FIFA 11+” – your warm-up to prevent injury Program will be administered by Dr. Kenneth Louisy.

“FIFA 11+ – a complete warm-up to prevent injuries” combines exercises training the above to provide you with general protection from injuries. “FIFA 11+” is a complete warm-up to be performed prior to every training session. You should be at least 14 years of age to start “FIFA 11+”.

Your body has some natural defense mechanisms against injuries that you can train to become more “resistant” to injuries. For example, training certain muscles stabilizes joints, training your balance makes you less susceptible to loss of balance and falls. There are certain techniques, e.g. how you jump or land, that protect you from getting injured in these critical situations.

Soon after on Sunday at 6:00pm the SLFA’s Super League Championship Semifinals takes place at the Soufriere Mini Stadium. The matchups are:

1.         Canaries vs. Mabouya Valley @ 6:00pm

2.         Soufriere vs. Mon Repos @ 8:00pm

The Saint Lucia Football Association thanks everyone involved in the development of the beautiful game.

Olympic Solidarity Coaching Course Details:  

Vigie Sports Complex, Castries, Saint Lucia

Sunday 23rd to Saturday 29th November 2014.


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