Fond Doux Plantation wins two new 2014 Magellan Awards

Fond Doux Plantation wins two new 2014 Magellan Awards

PRESS RELEASE – Once again, Fond Doux Plantation & Resort is proud to announce the procurement of yet another award. But this time there’s two! Travel Weekly is recognising this historic colonial plantation resort in two categories for 2014: the Gold Magellan Award in the Hospitality Eco-Friendly “Green” Resort/Hotel, and the Silver Magellan Award in the Hospitality Standard Room Design categories.

Fond Doux owner Eroline LaMontagne happily says, “We would like to extend our deepest thanks to all of our staff, guests, and Travel Weekly who have all made these prestigious awards possible!

The 2014 Magellan Awards received entries are from top travel organizations and professionals in the worldwide travel industry; and the quality of all their work is outstanding.

So, we had some stiff competition!  Being selected a Magellan Award Winner in two categories is a tremendous achievement and we hope it goes to show our high standard of excellence in everything we do.”

Fond Doux Plantation & Resort takes its eco-friendliness very seriously, and is one of the only resorts in St. Lucia to have been certified both as an organic plantation and as a member of Green Globe.

Much of the estate is utilized to grow fruit and vegetables, all of which are used in Fond Doux Plantation & Resort’s two restaurants. Star apples, pawpaws, zabòka avocados, mangoes, grapefruit, bananas, love apples, breadfruit, coconuts, cinnamon, sour soup, golden apple, and gwiyav guava, as well as their famous cocoa, are all grown at Fond Doux.

The property is totally committed to self-sufficiency and invites everyone to get involved.

These 2014 Magellan Awards mark the second consecutive year Fond Doux has been awarded the Silver Magellan Award in Room Design Excellence. Eroline adds, “See you next year, Magellan Awards!”


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  1. many congratulations to the fond Doux plantation resort,which has been in existence for many years,i intend to sample your charms very soon,its re assuring to see some positive news from st Lucia,keep the flag flying..


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