Fond Cacao residents welcome new road construction

Fond Cacao residents welcome new road construction

fond cocaPRESS RELEASE – Residents of Fond Cacao in Babonneau were very grateful for the efforts of the Government of St. Lucia and the Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport to provide improved road conditions in their small community.

Some of the residents who have lived there for as many as twenty years recalled that this was the first time that their road has been attended to since they have been residing in that community.

On Thursday 26th November 2015, the Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport hosted a community meeting to discuss the imminent construction of one (1) km of concrete road and road furniture in Fond Cacoa, Babonneau. In attendance were (1) Parliamentary Representative Hon. Alvina Reynolds, (2) Permanent Secretary Mrs. Allison A. Jean and (3) Engineer of the Ministry of Infrastructure Ms. Mary Augustin.

fond cocoa

Permanent Secretary Mrs. Allison A. Jean reminded the residents that the new road was being built to enhance access and motorability, and implored the residents to take ownership. She also informed the residents that there are more needs to be met than the available resources allows the Ministry of Infrastructure to attend to, and therefore, residents must assist in maintenance of what they are now receiving.

In addressing the residents, Parliamentary Representative Hon. Alvina Reynolds expressed on behalf of the residents’ her appreciation for this new road project. She clearly recollected that at her last Town Hall meeting with Fond Cacao Residents, the issue of the road was their main concern; and ever since she made strong representation to her colleague Minister to consider their request for rehabilitation of the road.

The residents expressed very favorable testimonials of the new road construction, from how they can now purchase a new vehicle, to hopes of seeing the Mini Buses returning to the community; they anticipate increases in property values and a means for improving their social and economic conditions.

Rehabilitation of the Fond Cacao road commenced on Monday 30th November 2015. The new road is built through a finance and build arrangement at a cost of $1.64 Million.


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  1. Fooling the people once again. OPEN YOU ALL EYES LUCIANS. The only ppl enjoying good lives here and in ambassadorial posts are SLP hacks.


  2. I expect nothing less with elections round the corner. People will be taking hook, line and sinker.
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