Fond Assau man to stand trial for raping ex-girlfriend

Fond Assau man to stand trial for raping ex-girlfriend

A young man from Fond Assau has been committed to stand trial for the alleged rape of his ex-girlfriend and mother of his daughter.

The victim alleged that she approached the young man to speak to him about their child.  During the conversation, the defendant asked her to come to his home to collect some items for the child.  She refused, but the defendant forced her to his house, which is in the area where they both live.

He dragged her to his room and asked her to kiss him.  When she again refused him, he tried to force a kiss on her.  When that did not work, she claimed that he stripped her of her underwear, removed his clothes as well, threw her on the bed and climbed on top of her. He then proceed to have forceful sexual intercourse with her while she fought him.

The victim left the house soon after the incident then called a friend and asked for help.  The victim and friend proceeded to the police station where she made a report and was taken to Victoria Hospital.  She was examined and a report was submitted to the police.

The young man is now on bail and will return to court at a date yet to be determined.


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  1. You know it wasn't him who did it, why you wasting your time saying coming and post a comment about he didn't do it instead of going down to the police station and say who did it. Steups. Magee...


  2. Just becuase you were use to be friendly with a woman does not mean after she it is over you still own her. She don't owe you NOTHING!!! Her life with you could well have been a mistake that she regrets!!!

    What part of that logic don't some men understand.


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