Folk Research Centre to hold annual general meeting

Folk Research Centre to hold annual general meeting

PRESS RELEASE – The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Folk Research Centre (FRC) is slated for Saturday 27, September at 10: 00 am at the FRC’s premises at Mount Pleasant, Castries.

Since its incorporation in July 1985, as a not-for-profit company, the Institution has held twenty-nine (29) AGMs. The objects for which the Folk Research Centre is established are: to promote research into St. Lucia’s culture through scientific study of culture, the collection and analysis of data on the folk tradition and through the compilation, publication and dissemination of information.

It also seeks to explore and clarify the role of culture in the development of St. Lucia through the following: promoting the use of folk art as a medium for change and integral development; promoting the use and appreciation of Kwéyòl; monitoring cultural research by all persons and institutions.

It aims to contribute to the cultural development of St. Lucia through the following: Organization and implementation of Kwéyòl education programme; and promoting and supporting development projects aimed at strengthening traditional values of cooperation and self-reliance.

Through its various programmes of cultural education, organisation of the St. Lucia Studies Conference, collaboration with sister organisations like the CDF and National Trust, FRC endeavors to fulfill its mandates. Its Documentation Centre continues to be a source of valuable information on St. Lucian culture and is well used by local and visiting student and researchers.

October, Creole Heritage Month is usually the busiest time of year for the FRC, with the organisation of education programmes for schools, competitions like Jeness Kwéyòl and La Wenn Kwéyòl,  Walaba cricket, and the national Jounen Kwéyòl.

One of the FRC’s present priorities is the digitisation of its invaluable audio-visual archives now housed at the National Archives.

At Saturday’s meeting members are expected to vote for a replacement Director who resigned earlier this year.  The term of Directors is two years. Election of the full Board will be at the AGM in 2015. The keynote address will be delivered by one of the founding members of the Folk ResearchCentre.


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