Foiled suicide attempt: How a Castries nurse, others saved a life

Foiled suicide attempt: How a Castries nurse, others saved a life
Nurse Lovell Rene
Nurse Lovell Rene
Nurse Lovell Rene

A nurse has revealed on Facebook how she led the way in helping to prevent someone from ending their life.

The situation occurred on Wednesday (Jan. 4) in Castries.

Lovell Rene, in a post on her profile, said she was at a business place, waiting to be served, when a female customer in front her tried to purchase gramoxone.

“She said if she drank the substance she would no longer have problems,” Rene, a part time nurse at Tapion Hospital in Castries, wrote.


“Today I was at a business place waiting to be served. This lady in front of me was talking to the cashier. I couldn’t hear her but I could hear the cashier clearly.

“It seemed the lady was trying to purchase the well known weedkiller “gramoxone”. The cashier was refusing to sell to her. Leaning in closer to listen “Cuz everybody knows I like people business”, I heard her asking the cashier, “the people that drink it was does happen to them?”

“I could not believe it.

“Cashier was telling her, “why you want to do that?”At that point I intervened and said that I was a nurse and if she had a problem. Long story short, she said if she drank the substance she would no longer have problems. I tried talking her out of it for at least 35 minutes but she was hell bent on purchasing it. So I did the only thing I thought would help. I placed a call to the police and explained the situation. They said they had no vehicle available at the time but promised to come.

“Hats off to them… didn’t take 20 minutes for them to arrive on foot!! Lady was refusing to go with them but in the end she went along after they explained that they just wanted to have a chat with her!!! 12670143_1512066415764099_3977800350336465476_n

“I’m seriously hoping that I contributed to saving a life today!!! I have her name and what community she lives in. I will definitely try to reach out to her!!”

The nurse told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that she plans to visit the woman this weekend.

“I really hope she is fine,” said the concerned mother of a 14-year-old daughter.


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  1. I had to revisit this story to read the comments of some lucians who seem to have no heart or conscience. Alot more could have been done to save this lady.


  2. Masiay awa weeee..I never knew some or most saint lucians were so ignorant and foolish...A woman whether nurse or not did wat she kud to help someone....Many here don't...I bet there were others on the place who just passed by....As usual....Lovell's act shows that this woman can still take care of child today..Well if she had..It shows that people can stil be kind in this wicked growing place... People killing people every day.....So unjust and all haters that's who url will always be....He that is unjust let him be unjust still...This is ridiculous.....We talk about solving crime...Url people rely on government government my foot....Wen they all over the world doing as they see fit...Let each one help one to make others feel better..


  3. The same kind of ignorance we see exhibited here, is the same we see in opinions expressed on matters of national importance such as DSH and CIP as a whole.


  4. nurse or not she did what is right some people cannot wait to see or hear some one being in a position to bring them down but what ever she is it is her business we just know she save รค life very important


  5. I would be interested to hear more about what you should do if you believe someone really wants to commit suicide. Several years ago I heard a counsellor tell a story about how she called the police because she was convinced a client was suicidal, and she was not able to persuade him otherwise. She asked the police to detain him for a few hours so he could "cool out". Apparently it worked.

    But what should the average person do if faced with this? Should we call for an ambulance to take the person to the Wellness Centre? Should we call the police? Are they trained to handle this? With our suicide epidemic in St Lucia, we need to know.


    • Her being an RN or not is of no relevance. Fact is she saved a life.You St Lucians are too sad and bitter.Always trying to put your own fellowmen down.Shame on you


    • Unjust are you an RN? Because she is not an RN that means she should not have done what she did? Did she say anywhere in the article that she is an RN? I happen to know this young lady very well and I know that you must be one of the bitter ones who tried all your might to tanish her name in Nursing school. Didn't think she would amount to anything good did you? Wish it is you in the spotlight now right?Well RN or not she is a QUALIFIED nurse and I am proud of her! So go so----->>>>


      • Poor u ..u really do not know that loud mouth trouble maker. Wish u luck if u consider that your friend


        • And what does her being a loud mouth trouble maker have to do with anything? Like I said she is my friend and you and your bitterness won't change that. And a little piece of advice... Grow up honey bunch. Stop living in the past. Once again go so----->>>>


    • And does that matter? What if she was a garbage collector? Would that make a difference. Your life too sad sweetie. Bring your sourness somewhere else.


      • Smh. U look really uneducated. Speak for yourself.. smh seems like u r the garbage collect. And seems that u r lovell. Because u take the case for yourself.. at the end what r u.. for sure u r no professonal.dont take the spotlight for yours. U r no nurse


  6. God has angels on earth. Great job nurse. U were right to go public with it without the name cause we like to read about those things and I am sure that it has reached the right people. God bless u


  7. You are a hater u are bitter that's not her too sad and wicked in heart some of u just like to speak rubbish people


  8. I surely hope u can reach out to her n for her to get the help she so desperately needs cause she talks to no one in the community


  9. Talk about being at the right place, at the right time, thank you nurse Rene you went beyond your call of duty. Today this Young woman is alive, the holidays can be very depressing for some people, especially if the lost a loved one during the this time. Hope she gets the help she needs. Happy New Year my peoples


  10. I don't think that's blowing her own horn. Recently at a funeral, while in the cementary a young man said he was going to take his life because his girl friend left him. He said he was giving her all that she wanted despite the small salary he was getting. Luckily the priest / pastor was still around so I call him to talk to the young man believe to be in his early 30's. The pastor had along chat with him,prayed with him, and after he left with the pastor in the pastor car. I believe the nurse did what she had to do. I would have done the same, but not post it along with my picture on Facebook.i believe God put us in a positio on a particular day, time and place to Test us. What we will do to help another. Regardless he said. He will not leave nor forsake us. The nurse didnjustbthat with God intervention.


  11. I am very proud of this nurse, it's great that she's bringing awareness to a very serious issue in our country. To the many crying out confidentiality let's congrat this young lady for a job well done. For saving a life.....saving a life trumps isn't always black and white....when a person discloses that they will cause harm to self a child or a minor confidentiality must be broken, please research....


  12. I reiterate . Why are the sale of these poisons which have contributed to possibly hundreds of suicides not systematically regulated. Why have these poisons been allowed to be used indiscriminately without monitoring, and very likely poisoning our drinking water. Why is cancer now so prevalent in this country. Guess who drinks bottled water.


  13. People who want to commit suicide, just do. This woman was asking for help the only way she could.


  14. why is she blowing her own horn on FB. The type to discuss and disclose patients confidential information.


    • There will always be that one person. Guess she revealed your confidential information. Anonymous you too sad.At least she saved a life. STOP HATING


    • She did not violate the patients rights. Notice she kept the patients name out of the picture. The point is this young lady is sending a message to others who are contemplating on taking their lives. I'm glad this young lady stepped in. Please my girl reach out to her.


    • Why you so bitter Anonymous? She revealed your confidential information I presume!? There will always be that one person. YOU! Stop hating. She saved a life


    • Did she give a name? Or other info what so confidential bout saying how one helped another from committing suicide??


    • What is the ladies name age address did you get that info from what you read? No you didn't she saved a life and feels good about it that is a horn to blow rather than the petty stuff yall post on fb example chat throwing, pics of the club and pp. Husbands just to name a few.


    • I don't view it as blowing her own horn.... I think people should take an example of this. And if anyone has any part to play in savings someone's life, they'd definitely feel good about it and like to share their experience. This could also propel others into taking action when they have information about someone wanting to commit suicide.

      You can clearly see she has a genuine concern for the young lady by all the measures she took in averting a very serious situation. Stop behaving like a bitter, critic and give kudos to this nurse.

      If you think she's blowing her own horn then she's dammed right -- letting other people blow your horn ain't sanitary.... ๐Ÿ˜›


          • Unjust it appears that you are an RN and feel that this spotlight should be yours. She may not be RN like you,fact remains she helped save a life. What have you contributed to your community lately?


  15. If so many people is turning to this substanceand it is one of the most ways ppl commit suicide, can government not put a ban on it?


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