FLOW unveils new mission and values

FLOW unveils new mission and values

flowPRESS RELEASE – Telecommunications company Flow embraces its new corporate mission and values.

With the ultimate aim of becoming a more market-driven, customer-centric organization, the company has begun what is designed to be a company-wide transformation programme.

The new mission and values were formally introduced to all the employees of Flow St. Lucia at a presentation held on Thursday 29th October at the Pigeon Island National Landmark. It was a grand in-house event that turned out to be one of the company’s most exciting, fun-filled and memorable occasions.

Among other things, they participated in a Discussion Forum called, ‘Have Your Say’ during which persons got the opportunity to interact with each other and their management team.

The launch of the mission and core values is one of the first steps to implementing its transformation programme, setting a new direction for the company and further empowering and motivating its staff to transform along with the new Flow.

The new mission of the company is: “Connecting communities, transforming lives “.

Flow’s new values are, ‘Serve Customers with Passion’; ‘Strive to be the Best’; ‘Work as One Team’ and ‘Respect and Trust Each Other.’

These new strategic principles will form an integral part of Flow’s corporate identity and guide all aspects of the business. They will also serve as memorable and actionable guides to individual employees in their daily interactions with each other and with the company’s customers.

Steps toward manifesting the new mission and values are already underway as Flow moves to further improve its service delivery to customers and develop an even more dynamic and comprehensive portfolio of high-quality products and services. These include the addition of Columbus’ cable, broadband and B2B capabilities that will allow CWC and the new company to create the best-in-class quad-play offerings locally and throughout the region.

“Our mission and value statements are not meant to be placed on a wall and forgotten,” said Shermalyn Sidonie-John the Sales, Marketing and Communications Manager. “They are meant to express the standards by which our company will operate and motivate our team to support each other so that we can deliver a superior and satisfying experience to our customers. They are also results driven and spell out the new culture and philosophy of Flow and will inform the way we operate internally and externally. Ultimately, this new service culture that we are developing will be better for our staff as it offers more personal and professional growth opportunities as we expand into a stronger and more dynamic organization,” Sidonie-John added.

Similar events were held across the region as each territory embraced, Mission Day 2015!


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  1. Flow is the worst. Bring back Karib cable. U all should be ashamed posing for that ridiculous picture. Can't u see u are cheating st lucians? Shame on u flow. Shame on u. I'm so fed up. Dropping ur cable. Sucks anyway.


  2. FLOW.... worst company ever.... did i say worst i mean worst.... treat employees like shit.... raise the prices ... S&S staff are much happier. .. that's a fact BELIEVE THAT.


  3. It's rather ironic that globally the price of broadband is going down (and free in some regions) whilst it's on the increase in LIME/ FLOW markets, surely the regulatory authorities saw this coming didn't they?


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