FLOW to send home workers

FLOW to send home workers


In light of the recent merger between FLOW and LIME, some 17 workers are due to receive termination letters by the end of June, it has been reported.

However, three workers have opted to leave, while four have requested voluntary separation.

The matter is expected to be discussed with management and the National Workers Union.

But St Lucia is not the only country that is being affected by this merger, as some 39 workers for FLOW Grenada are expected to be terminated before June 30.

The Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ECTEL) is yet to give full approval for the legal merging of LIME and FLOW but a few weeks ago the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC) was notified that all LIME stores will be re-branded using FLOW.

In April, ECTEL announced its displeasure over the apparent unwillingness of the parent companies of both FLOW and LIME to arrive at an agreement with the sub-regional regulator regarding the merger.

ECTEL’s chairman, Vincent Byron, speaking at the end of the 33rd ECTEL Council of Ministers meeting, said that licences given to telecommunication companies to operate in the jurisdictions controlled by the regulator will be adjusted to reflect a better quality of service to consumers.

This publication was unable to reach FLOW and NWU for a comment.



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  1. Precisely what Fletcher was trying to prevent!

    Sounds like a perfect MONOPOLY brewing.

    Lets see how many Lucians take to the streets for a peaceful demonstration.

    Lucians don't wait Government to react, you'll have the power through your wallets.


  2. This Lime-Flow merger was a dangerous episode to which Dr. Anthony was either powerless or lacked the balls to take on. I honestly don't think Chass could fare any better, but its early days still



    There ought to be OVERSIGHT before allowing companies to merge willy nilly in the country.

    Since the merger, the QUALITY OF SERVICE has declined tremendously. Who benefited from this?

    We need anti-trust type legislation on the books here urgently. With no business sense existing anywhere within the SLP clowns, DKA allowed CLICO to play PAC MAN with the life insurance industry. Up to this very day, some people cannot recover from the setbacks created by this irresponsible dereliction of duty and sham government.


  4. the real problem is WHY this merger could happen !!! do we have only toothless paper tigers in charge to look for the interest of the people???


  5. A merger takes months of planning. This was not an overnight deal. Please do not start throwing stones at the new administration for company mergers, acquisitions and closing of doors. They are not the cause.
    Most mergers comes with layoffs. Its the way it works.


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