Flow thrills primary schools queen

Flow thrills primary schools queen

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – Over the years, Saint Lucia and the Caribbean’s leading telecommunications service provider has played a major role in the National Carnival Queen Pageant.

But more recently, Flow partnered with Education District 5 (Dennery North) to support a group of up-and-coming queens, as the prize-giving ceremony for the District 5 Independence Pageant was held at Derniere Riviere Combined School.

The winner of the pageant, which was held at was held at Fond D’Or Nature and Historical Park, was soon-to-be 11-year-old Grade 5 student, Odile Zackisha Harper. Whilst all eight of the participants were given Flow backpacks and water bottles, Odile won herself a Vonino Xylo Z smartphone with a 30-day XL prepaid combo plan.

The young queen expressed her utter delight at having won, and picking up a fine prize to boot. She says her career ambition is to become a gynaecologist, but she is quickly becoming enamoured of pageant life. She was presented with her phone by Flow Saint Lucia product manager for broadband and TV, Adriana Mitchel-Gideon.

District education officer Gabriella St. Paul was also on hand. She praised all of the participants and explained the rationale behind the event, saying:

“We want you to do well in your maths, English, social studies and sciences. But we want more. We want you to be good stewards. We want to teach you theatre arts, music, and physical education, so you can dance, sing, perform and bring your talents to the fore. This pageant bore testimony to what we work towards in our different schools.”

Meanwhile, Adriana encouraged the young ladies to use the pageant as a springboard to the future. She noted that Flow is thrilled to have been part of the process:

“When I look at these girls, I am so proud of the work they have put into this competition, and I can truly say that we at Flow are very proud to have been part of the District 5 pageant. Saint Lucia is overdue for another Nobel Laureate, and who knows, one of these young delegates could fill that void. You can become engineers, or even one day work in telecommunications, and perhaps make Flow an even better service provider in the future. You have put your confidence, your intelligence and your talents on display. Keep working hard and I am sure that there will be greater things still to come for all of you down the road.”


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