Flow taking “proactive steps” to address customer complaints

Flow taking “proactive steps” to address customer complaints

Telecommunications company Flow has assured customers that it is taking proactive steps to smooth out glitches in its system due to a recent upgrade in its broadband and television networks.

The upgrade is expected to bring faster internet browsing speeds and better cable TV options.

Communication Specialist at Flow, Terry Finnistere, has said that the company is cognisant of the various complaints about its service in recent times and has encouraged customers to utilise the various mediums available to voice their concerns to the company so that their issues are addressed speedily. He said the 211 hotline, toll free number 1-800-804-2994, and social media are effective for raising faults about their service.

“We recognise that the transition is not always easy on customers and there are some wrinkles that need to be ironed out. [We understand that service is not 100 percent [and ] that it is not as stable as we would like and that customers are not getting the experience that we would like them to get,” he stated.

“We are taking proactive steps to deal with some of that. We have been doing work over the past few weeks in particular to increase our off-island capacity and basically to increase the amount of bandwidth that’s available for our customers on island as far as internet is concerned. So that work is ongoing.

“It is a process and we are trying to ensure that our customers, as speedily as possible, are able to get the sort of service that they need and deserve. So that is something that we are working towards and we are seeing improvements week on week, day by day…” he added.

According to Finisterre, Flow has held a meeting with its various departments and management with a view to addressing customers’ concerns “head on”.


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  1. "We understand that service is not 100 percent ..." No 5h1t Sherlock! When will there be an increase in the ridiculous 2 Mbps baseline speed? That belongs in pre-2010. A snail would find that sluggish.

    In many countries, subscribers get incremental increases in speed at the same service cost or a significant boost at a marginal fee difference if they opt for a package upgrade. Evidently that concept is totally foreign to flow.

    Base package customers have be stuck on that absurd 2 Mbps rate (it shouldn't be described as speed) for ages. Its pathetic! An internet connection is almost a basic necessity for many and no longer a luxury.


  2. Wam There, stop talking pappyshow there. The merger didn't take place only in St Lucia. It took place in Jamaica, Barbados, Grenada and everywhere else. So it wasn't just Fletcher who couldn't stop it, nobody could.
    From what I remember Fletcher was the only one taking on Flow publicly and criticizing them for their poor service. In fact I remember hearing that Flow even reported him to Kenny Anthony for comments he made about the merger and their service. ECTEL and the NTRC are the ones who have to act. Government doesn't have a say in this. That's what happened when ECTEL was formed. But if you think it's government that should talk, why hasn't Guy Joseph who's the minister of telecon, or Stephenson King or Chastanet said a word against Flow or their bad service? Stop your politics nonsense and think about Lucia for once


  3. Terry needs to shut the hell up cause he is just talking for his salary.cable and wireless for years have been a scamp service is worst as always so there is no excuss or anything he can say right now to ease the pple problems with this disgraceful company who has ministers on their payrolls.


  4. Missing Karib Cable so much right now, have to pay extra to watch EPL games which we were getting free and dont even mention the Internet service


  5. Awa for flow, so long yall in lucia, and mate have the nerve to come and say, they still have wrinkles to iron out, seriously, we the customers are not getting 100% service , well i guess yall owe me some of the 100% of the bill i have to pay, up to now yall still ketching yall A$$. what the hell yall doing in stlucia with yall mediocre service. OK pikachu tell us what we already know. flow #suck


  6. What we need in ST LUCIA IS competition , Flow and Dgcell are all fraud , . when was the last time you checked the price per minute on your phone .? We are being ripped , and robbed. == PASS THE WORD AROUND === IT IS TIME WE GET BETTER RATES .


  7. Honorable Minister Stephenson King promised us a GLOBAL telecommunications service. Flow is not global. It's an expensive dysfunctional monopoly/insult to all of us


    • The merger was not under Stephenson King. Matter of fact it was under Jimmy Fletcher who seemingly was saying one thing to the public but giving a green light to FLOW to create its monopoly. While I was warning and alerting the public to that issue you all were busy politicking. So don't try scoring cheap political points as we all can recount what occurred. While Jimmy was blaming the regulators he was not alluding to the fact that they were the "lawmakers" who had the general responsibility to regulate and prevent that merger. Government pass laws to protect the people from unfair business practices and faulty goods.

      It is also ironic that the guy in the photo who is now FLOW's PRO was also Press Secretary to the SLP government! So don't try to involve Stevenson King in your rubbished political rant. The SLP and its surrogates should also disembark from that strategy of trying to blame everybody else for their shortcomings as it will only result in further infuriating a public who are already agitated by their dismal performance in office.


      • Read the Hon. Minister's mission statement. "A global telecommunications system."
        His words. Where's the global system? All we have is a local catastrophe. What has been done in over a year?


      • Wam there it eh look like you know what going on there. The merger took place everywhere, not just in St Lucia. It wasn't just Fletcher who couldn't do anything about it. Nobody, not Jamaica, Barbados, Grenada, nobody.
        It's the regulators who control the industry. Not the government. That's why there's ECTEL.
        From what I remember Fletcher was the only one who spoke out against Flow and what was going on. So much so that Flow reported him to Kenny Anthony.
        I haven't heard Guy Joseph, who's the minister, or King or Chastanet say anything against Flow or the merger or the bad service.


  8. I am a customer from Gros Islet and well yayyyy we got and upgrade. Upgrade my frustration level because you give the most unreliable substandard internet service. Wheat were we expecting we got rid of them we were enjoying service from Carib Cable now they are back and it is the Same Limited Offering that's is a complete Waste of time and money. Get i=out of here C&W.


  9. Flow!!!! Y'all eh FLOWING at all!!!! Days now I cannot get to my parents in Saint Lucia. The whatsapp calls, facetime and imessages aren't going through at all. It connects, then disconnects instantly. They have called SEVERAL times, and y'all have not returned their calls or improved service. And every month they have to pay for services they aren't receiving?! And y'all will disconnect people for not paying the bill?!?! Funny that y'all blaming this 'downgrade' on an 'upgrade'... I never hear more crap in my life.


  10. No trust in that brand, no trust in that brand at all. Terrible customer service, terrible internet service, poor communication from inception, it is so frustrating.



  11. Whether or not we have analog cable or via the box we should not have to deal with the ridiculousness that FLOW offers as cable, I believe in the 53 working channels i pay for monthly about 30 actually, the remainder which includes ALL the HBO's and CineMax channels are out for at least for days in the week average. It sticks to one image, the volume is too low, you see other images within the channel you are trying to watch, one of the HBO's disappeared all together. Also what is with Cable & Wireless, LIME and FLOW offering cable TV, meant for South America?...are we that not worth their time? Do you guys not have RIGHTS to american version of those channels? Or am I just not paying you enough? What does Bureau of Standards have to say?...I honestly can admit my ability to understand spanish somewhat is because I watched so much subtitles and American-Based programs designated for spanish-speaking consumers. I find that ridiculous and its been going on for decades..

    You guys are peeling our skin for nonsensical speeds when it comes to internet...your cable TV...is designed for those who can afford...a $250 bill every month to have premium television and internet....ensure theyre FUNCTIONAL..

    Just because you exist only in this MONOPOLY of Telecommunication...well ENTERTAINMENT rather...doesn't mean you gouge out our eyes for it.


  12. I have reported a fault twice with whatever country Flow's fault goes to and I was told I would receive a call in 24-48 hours . I was quite shocked that I had no internet on a Friday night and I was being told I had to wait at least two to get a call back. I was mad as hell but I had no choice. Three weeks later I am still waiting for the call...... The service sort of started working again after a few days, intermittent and very unreliable but I have been able to physically go to the office because I have a job, I have to work hard to pay for the crappiest service ever!!!!!


  13. flow is a shate i trying an watch Breakfast fete live on vybe radio facebook and the broadcast only being interrupted and sticking making people miss the whole show, people have to be resetting their router so many times chpzz. day in day out people have to be going thru that shate


  14. Youll still disconnecting ppl everymoth cause they dont pay and is shitty service they getting . We are paying every month for a service we are not receiving why not cut down on them rediculous bills and alllow ppl to choose their own channels a banch of stupid channels in the basic package that no one watches but you have to take it thats not fair you want to ppl to understand u you do the same with them youll doing this cause you dont have competition so the ppl jas to take what they get sad


  15. If you know your service is not up to the standard expected from your customers, why do Flow charge so much for the substandard service? Iron out your glitches and then charge your customers accordingly. Also, your customer service agents do not tell their customers the truth in certain situations and there is rarely any follow up to allow customers to be informed about goods and services.


  16. You are taking steps! Truth is Nobody trusts FLOW to do whats right on their own, it must be forced or mandatory. So how comes our telecoms rates are some of the highest in the world and we have channels in a language that we cannot understand? How comes we can only lodge our complaints in a foreign country who is remote from our personal issues? That's the real issues, take steps about that.


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