Flow meets media practitioners

Flow meets media practitioners

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – Representatives of the senior leadership team of the island’s leading telecommunications service provider met recently with members of the news fraternity recently, as the Flow management team sat with the Media Association of Saint Lucia at the company’s Corinth headquarters.

The purpose of the breakfast meeting was to broach a range of issues including changes to Flow’s corporate structure in recent years, investments in mobile, broadband internet, and digital TV in 2017, projected investments for 2018, customer service, and service delivery.

Acting country manager Anselm Mathurin led the Flow delegation, whilst Media Association president Miguel Evelyn Fevrier was amongst over a dozen media practitioners who took the opportunity to pose questions to Flow officials on a myriad of topics.

Said Mr. Fevrier: “This was a very welcome initiative from Flow, and speaking as president of the Media Association, I am pleased that the company took the lead in making this session happen. It was refreshing to be able to get that sort of opportunity to speak directly with the people at the top of the organisation. We got the chance to get answers on our own behalf as customers, and on behalf of our audiences, and to voice our views on the way the company communicates and the level of customer satisfaction.”

Communications specialist Terry Finisterre thanked the media as well.

He said: “We were happy to get to dialogue directly with members of our local media about the company’s plans for 2018, some of the changes we have made in the last year, our corporate structure, network, customer service, and more. It was a frank, open and productive conversation as to what is happening with Flow, and we got some excellent feedback and suggestions from the gathered journalists and radio hosts.”

Among the company’s plans for coming months, Flow intends to expand its groundbreaking 4G LTE mobile network islandwide, and to consolidate its Flow Digital TV network.

Already, customers have begun enjoying increased upload speeds on residential broadband, with the TV platform also experiencing an upgrade to a new firmware and interface that will clear the way for Video On Demand and live recording of TV programmes, among a number of other exciting features.


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  1. So true. Both internet and cable services are lousy. Most persons, including me are fed up and ready to return these devices. Waste of money


  2. The purpose of the meeting was to feed the media workers.....once you hand them a few scraps you know you have their loyalty FOREVER.


  3. You may be American, or have been duped by the propaganda on US television, if the explanation in this link, http://www.moonofalabama.org/2018/02/mueller-indictement-the-russian-influence-is-a-commercial-marketing-scheme.html#more, goes completely over your head (lol), or makes you ashamed of your lack of critical thinking skills in response to Flow's attempt to gyp you out of your hard-earned income with the help of the focus group they've assembled from the stenographers purporting to be journalists in St. Lucia.


  4. What are Flow going to be doing about the terrible quality of their Cable Television Service? You talk about the mobile phone sector improvements but you are offering St. Lucians a way below par tv product? When will improvements be made, or discounts in pricing for this service?


  5. I laughed out real loud at the advocacy of "The Righteousness of God in Christ" for St. Lucians to be able to pay for enhancing their corruptibility and sinfulness with better service from Dish Network or Direct TV.

    It's called the "boob tube" with good reason, after all. US citizens are now acknowledged to be the most stupid people on the planet, having been programmed (propagandized) from birth with the heavy content of lies and violence available from the monopolies they have been forced to subscribe to.

    If he/she were truly righteous, as intended in the alias used, the hope should be for a majority of St. Lucians to stop paying for Television and Telephone Service, and demand instead for "their" government, stewards of their collective power, to initiate a national project for the installation of free wi-fi and fibre-optic internet service.

    Of what use is a representative government if it does not pool a nation's resources to provide the citizens it is answerable to, with free access to basic human needs: water; energy; education; communications?


  6. You need to inform the public when there will be an improvement to those lousy tv boxes which are incompatible with the cable service that flow is providing to it's customers. The poor people are tired of complaining and all they get are excuses after excuses.

    We the people of St. Lucia want Dish Network / Direct TV to open up shop in this country.


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