Flow doubles internet speeds in Saint Lucia

Flow doubles internet speeds in Saint Lucia
Chris Williams, Flow Saint Lucia Country Manager
Chris Williams, Flow Saint Lucia Country Manager

(PRESS RELEASE) – Customers of Saint Lucia and the Caribbean’s leading telecommunications provider are once again reaping benefits from significant investment in infrastructure and technological assets.

Residential subscribers to Flow’s fixed broadband service have been enjoying a drastic improvement in their web experience, thanks to the company’s recent decision to increase internet download speeds islandwide at no additional cost.

Thanks to the latest system upgrade, Flow customers across Saint Lucia are now able to get much more bandwidth for work, study, or play. Once the user restarts his or her modem, a speed test will confirm the increased download speed.

This development comes at a time when more citizens are desirous of participating in the technological revolution and expansive growth of ecommerce opportunities, both as a source of employment and as a proven catalyst of economic growth.

Flow Saint Lucia Country Manager, Chris Williams, said:

“This added value is more than just increasing the utility of our service; it is Flow leading the charge and spurring growth in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector, whilst expanding the possibilities for our customers to tap into new and emerging markets.”

Earlier this year, Flow increased upload speeds on residential broadband, with the TV platform also experiencing an upgrade to a new firmware and interface that clears the way for exciting features such as Video On Demand.

Flow Saint Lucia home internet download speeds are up to 100 MBps, with unlimited browsing, messaging, emailing, online shopping, and downloading.


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  1. Bro yall living on a tiny god damn island in the caribbean and have these speeds and im just sitting here in f-ing europe and getting absolutely robbed by the isp who has a monopoly here and only get up to 3Mbps on a good day god damn


  2. DIGICEL hurry up and come with the internet and cable packages please. I need to go cancel my account and cause a boycott of FLOW services in all schools on island and at the homes of all teachers. Bay teeeeeeeez flow bay teeeeeeeeeez.

    Sincerely a current FLOW customer.


    • Right? They are a bit late with this announcement, the speeds had gone up over the past few months, but the tests I have been running ever since doesn't reflect what they are claiming. I'm paying for a 25mb package when I ran a speedtest I was getting that 25 now with the so call claims I'm not even hitting near 40mb barely 37mb.

      Digicel soon come, Flow ya'll damn thieves... 2018 people still paying for ridiculous packages and shit speeds and the worst customer service ever.


  3. Chris are you serious? I have not seen any improvement in speed. I think this is fake news. The net always come on and off. Do something about that. You have a two rating.


  4. We need broadband service made available, even if it has to be subsidized by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and so on. We need to set our business and education sectors on firmer footings with greater options to open this economy to higher levels of production and productivity.


  5. Sure thats why i had to wait over two hours since coming home from work for the internet to finally start slowly working.......thanks but no thanks


  6. Well you all are lucky cause I thought that when Digicel come that Flow would be giving them some competition but still getting the shitting stinking service. I was going to move to Digicel but I thought what the hell. I should have done that. It really hate to no this is the real way that they are still going to Flow.


  7. Ya'll hear digicel coming soon with their internet and cable tv so ya'll figure let's give them more before they decide to go to digi and forget about lime. Well I got news for you it's to late to give us we were asking for years now.


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