Flow begins significant roll out; launches US$160 investment in Barbados

Flow begins significant roll out; launches US$160 investment in Barbados

PRESS RELEASE – C&W is investing US$160M in Barbados as the Company rolls out its new retail brand Flow on the island as part of its merger with Columbus Communications.

Barbados is the first country to launch the newly combined retail brand. Niall Sheehy, Country Manager of the ‘new’ Flow, revealed a number of significant developments for Barbados.

“What we have today is the product of two legacies working in unison to meet our customers’ needs,” said Sheehy.

Under the new consumer brand Flow, the company has combined the strengths of the former LIME and Flow organisations and is positioning Barbados as the first country in the world with 100% Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) broadband connectivity.

The FTTH network will allow the Company to bring new and cutting edge services to its customers. As a start, customers will receive telephone (mobile and landline) video, audio, television and just about any other kind of digital data stream using Flow’s comprehensive FTTH broadband connection.

Sheehy indicated that the consumers will benefit from bundling of products, new and exciting apps and the ability to access products and services from a variety of platforms, via its network.

Sheehy also outlined other aspects of the company’s investments in Barbados as the Company rolls out its new consumer brand. “We have already moved into our new corporate home in Warrens (formerly the Orange Mall) and on August 1, we will officially transition from our Customer Care Centre at SkyMall to a new retail store under the Flow brand.

This new retail outlet will serve as the touch-point for all our products and services of the combined entity,” he said. “Customers will still be able to access a full Flow Customer Service Centre at Windsor Lodge (formerly LIME),” added Sheehy. “These changes are part of a wider plan to ensure that our newly combined company meets our stated goal of putting the customer at the heart of what we do.”

Sheehy also informed that the company is currently transitioning all of its products and services to the Flow brand. He noted that the transition phase will take some time, during which customers may still see communications using the former LIME and Flow brands.


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