Florida school quarantines student for having her period

Florida school quarantines student for having her period

By Jesse O’Neil

(NEW YORK POST) — As Florida struggles to contain coronavirus cases in the classroom, one school nurse is being extra vigilant.

A Fort Myers mother told Southwest Florida’s Fox 4 Now that her eighth grade daughter was sent home from school last Monday afternoon and was told to quarantine for ten days after displaying COVID-19 symptoms.

However, the Lexington Middle School student was just feeling fatigued because she was on her period.

The girl’s mother, Shelia Gayle, was given two options: pull her daughter and her siblings from school, or get a note from the doctor that declared the girl was not suffering from the deadly virus.

Gayle did take her daughter to a doctor who confirmed that it was the girl’s menstrual cycle that was causing the symptoms, and that no isolation was necessary.

A spokesperson for the School District of Lee County said they’d rather be safe than sorry.

State data shows that 65 school facilities in the county experienced 127 coronavirus cases between Sept. 6 and Oct. 10. Lexington Middle School was not one of them.


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