Flood warning issued for St. Lucia due to Tropical Storm Erika

Flood warning issued for St. Lucia due to Tropical Storm Erika
Recent flooding in Castries, St. Lucia
Recent flooding in Castries, St. Lucia
Recent flood in Castries, St. Lucia

PRESS RELEASE – Due to the presence of Tropical Storm Erika in the vicinity of the Leeward Islands, isolated moderate to heavy showers may develop over Saint Lucia.

There is a possibility of flash flooding and landslides over some parts of the island, especially the Soufriere area where significant rainfall has occurred over the past few hours.

The Saint Lucia Meteorological Services has therefore issued a flood warning for Saint Lucia with effect from 3:45 pm today until further notice.

Residents and motorists especially those in areas prone to flooding and landslides are urged to exercise extreme caution in their activities.

All residents of Saint Lucia are asked to pay attention to further announcements from the Saint Lucia Meteorological Services and NEMO.


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  1. Crap. How can you give a warning after the fact? By 3:45 the place was already flooded. Are those people at the Met Office forecasters? I mean, from Monday i told people that we are making a lot of nosie about Danny, however it is just a small hurricane. The system after (referring to Erika) poses a great threat to St. Lucia just bases on its size. It is unlikely that such a huge system enter the island chain without hitting most of the other islands. I think this Met Office is short changing us and I think it is only as a result of undue influence being exerted. The office was criticized after the passage of Tomas and it was said that they again dropped the ball during the Christmas Eve Trough. This prompted them to give a early warning for another system which never materialized which caused the PM to shut the country down uselessly. The Director was later promoted, which in St. Lucian parlance is "being disciplined" and replaced with another. Since then the Met Office has not been forth coming on forecasting, as i observed the in the 5-day forecast on television that the island would only have partly cloudy skies for Tuesday and Wednesday. I found that a little strange judging from the size of this system which was predicted to pass over the island. Some may say that this is insignificant but apart from the threat of loss of life and property, it seems that such matters of informing the public has become a sensitive. Why is there so much skepticism when it comes to national institutions informing the public? Are they under some kind of gag-order?


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