Flood-Beaubrun to play active role in UWP’s election campaign

Flood-Beaubrun to play active role in UWP’s election campaign
Sarah Flood-Beaubrun
Sarah Flood-Beaubrun
Sarah Flood-Beaubrun

Former Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) Minister Sarah Flood-Beaubrun is set to play a major role in the United Workers Party (UWP) election campaign.

Flood-Beaubrun who contested for leadership at the last UWP Conference of Delegates, conceded defeat, but pledged her support to working with the new executive.

Party Chairman, Guy Mayers, told this publication on Thursday that a meeting was held between himself, political leader Allen Chastanet and Flood-Beaubrun last year.

Mayers said coming out of those discussions, both parties agreed that she will play an active role from henceforth and would assist during the election campaign season.

“She is committed to working with the party whenever general elections are called,” he remarked.

While Flood-Beaubrun is not seeking to be a UWP candidate, Mayers said, the former minister plans to assist with formulation of policies and doing public speaking as the campaign warms up.

She had underscored the need for the UWP to revive it’s women’s arm and attract the youth votes.

Flood-Beaubrun is a former Health Minister and Speaker of the House of Assembly.

She is an attorney by profession and has been a member of the UWP since 2006.


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  1. Sarah Flood is a shining light that will cause the right set of people to govern this country after the disaster that Kenny and Tony have created. Destroy the banana industry. And destroy everything that would enhance the financial stability of the country because of their selfish gain. I have never voted UWP only SLP and PLP. But now I can distinguish the cat from the pigion. UWP all the way this year with Chastnet Sarah and company. I


  2. Yeah u can see the difference between Sarah and Stephenson King. Both challenge Charmer and loose but Sarah is willing to work with the exacutive but King pull aside with his faction and causing problems. The bottom line is king is not educated. The guy don't even complete secondary school. That is his problem. I far as am concern King should not contest election again. U not supporting the party's political leader so what's sense it make for u to contest election and u against the leader. Also spider should not contest the election. Further more these guys have been their for too long we want new faces. What's about Dr u a bald Oslo Raymond to replace King and miss Geyna conaya for Gros islet. Isn't that a better choice than Spider and King. Tired of recycling politicians throw them in the bin please.


  3. Big job for Sarah after the victory, The U.N. Representative or Minister
    for Legal affairs. ( La Cobs can start packing).


  4. Good move UWP!

    Sarah can help bring home 'de party' in some key seats: Gros Islet , Castries South, the 2 Dennery seats, Babonneau , Anse La Raye.

    She will held immensely in Castries Central but that seats depends on whethet or not Fredericks runs as an Independent but it will be close.
    Will be interesting to see the responce in Soufriere and Choiseul.


  5. Welcome Sarah, consider yourself lucky because you have rejoined
    the Party that is on it's way up, up and away and let us keep praying
    for the blessings of the almighty upon this Nation of ours.


  6. Finally hearing sone common sense from the UWP.
    Whether some like it or not this is the only way for the UWP to move forward.
    People trust her including the women and youth and she speakes in the mothet tongue. This is the real positive start to 2016 for de party!
    Guy got this one right!


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