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Flood-Beaubrun criticized for comments made about PM

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Newly-announced United Workers Party (UWP) candidate for Castries Central, Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, has been criticized for comments she made about Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony.

Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) General Secretary, Leo Clarke took Flood-Beaubrun to task over the comments she made on Wednesday on Newsmaker Live, which suggested that Dr. Anthony does not care about mentally challenged people.

Flood-Beaubrun, a former Minister of Health and Human Service under a previous SLP administration, said she was asked by the PM why she was paying so much emphasis on looking after the mentally ill, and wad told that they do not vote at an election.

But Clarke, who admitted that he was not present when Flood-Beaubrun and Dr. Anthony had that conversation, said that record states otherwise.

To substantiate his argument that the PM and the current administration do care about the mentally ill, Clarke said that the government created an allowance for parents of differently abled children. He said government has also made an effort to introduce a home care for the elderly programme.

However, it was during Flood-Beaubrun’s tenure as minister which led to the establishment of a new mental health institution in Saint Lucia and saw improvements in how mentally ills persons were cared for.

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  1. Kenny treats everyone like a moomoo, so I can see why he would take that position.

  2. Sarah I look at you as an other hungry politician with no pride, dignity and shame.

  3. The response the pm gave has not convince me yet. We are not stupid. I believe he said it.

  4. the so called allowance for differently abled kids, that's how the pm care? the parents must jump 99+ hoops to claim, they even have to come visit your home to be on the list to receive the lil $250.
    choops tan!
    He can show he cares by fixing the school at la panse, better yet building the school that was promised since 2006 at union.

    Golden hope building had to collapse to relocate the facility on the new hospital premises built for years just sitting there and victoria hospital is yet to be transferred. is that the action of a pm who care??

    • Yes W.. and after they come at your home, sometimes you struggling to take care of the child but once they feel your home too nice (humble home, not mansion) they saying you living too good you cant get it...

  5. The Commentator

    The mwepi and mud-slinging just start.

  6. What a bunch of opportunists.
    First off Leo should declare his assets for 1997 and now in 2016.
    Second. Why did you not want to be made a Senator. Do Senators have to declare their assets?

    Third. K was the same one who allowed the then SLP Speaker of the House to ask Sarah to leave the House when she said both Kenny an Tony was an incompetent who did nothing about crime and begged criminals to give citizens a break for Christmas!

    Kenny effectively played along as if Sarah was lying until HTS PLAYED THE TAPE OF HIM MAKING THE STATEMENT ON THE POLITICAL PLATFORM.
    The SLP will lie about anything to protect their golden goose which is the St Lucian taxpayer.

    • I believe Kenny said it for true, of course they wont see the need to help someone who cant vote! They forget they are for all the people not just those who voted for them!

  7. There you are clarke " However, it was during Flood-Beaubrun’s tenure as minister which led to the establishment of a new mental health institution in Saint Lucia and saw improvements in how mentally ills persons were cared for" so her work and concern is well cementwd by you. If she did not stand up to Kenny it would not have happen. Will he say she lie this time like the begging of the criminals of vieux fort to give a break? And turn arround and deny It. All the care about it money and fool St.Lucians. when last he ever bisted the mental hospital or even you.

  8. Why is Leo Crake so quick to jump to Kenny's defence on that issue? Is it that he thinks he is the only one who knows that Kenny is mentally challenged?
    By the way, I think he built that new facility just because he wanted to occupy that old structure.

  9. I believe Sarah, like you rightly said you were not present when Sarah had the conversation with the Prime Minister. One can clearly see that we have a huge challenge with our mentally challenged. Just walk down Castries. Any time there is a problem with a mentally challenge person, the police will be called and we all know what happens. Alvina Reynolds as Minister of Health said 'As we speak there are things in place, that the police will no longer be the first respondents. There will be trained people who will be able to handle these problems. Leo Clarke can you tell me who these first respondents are? Up to now, any time there is a problem with a mentally challenged person, the police who are not trained always end up with the problem


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