Flood-Beaubrun confident about being elected new UWP leader

Flood-Beaubrun confident about being elected new UWP leader
Sarah Flood-Beaubrun

Former government minister Sarah Flood-Beaubrun has expressed confidence of securing the leadership position of the United Workers Party (UWP) at the next party convention.

Flood-Beaubrun, who was nominated by the Gros Islet and Castries North constituency branches, also foresees a huge election win for the party with her at the helm.

But the former minister acknowledged that the decision will have to be made by party members and delegates, at the next UWP convention on November 15, 2015.

Flood-Beaubrun said she is seeking the leadership post of the UWP, because she is confident she can get the job done, despite it might take some hard work.

The Attorney-at-Law also expressed confidence in helping to unite the party, stating that she has the experience to lead Saint Lucia and restore confidence in the people.

“I think I am really ready for this job and I can do an excellent job. I think I am the person to do this at the moment. That’s why I have thrown my hat in the ring,” she stated.

Flood-Beaubrun is a former United Nations representative under the last UWP Administration. She served previously as a Minister of Health, Human Services, Family Affairs and Gender Relations and Minister of Home Affairs. She was also MP for Castries Central and was the first female Speaker of the House.


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  1. Right now this country need a strong leader one who sets examples where corrupt politician cab=n be but in jail we need a leader that can make firm action in making the steps necessary to bring the country back on its feet for example the public sector dont need 17 ministries only five can you make those changes or you just another ass kisser politician we want real change we are tired i swear the next politcan to fool the st.lucia people should me hang in colon-bus square...change we need now


  2. I have had the opportunity to work with Mrs. Sarah Flood-Beaubrun alongside deceased Mr. Winston Cenac Q.C., her being an Attorney at law!! Mrs. Beaubrun is a darn good Attorney...she's bold..she's honest...she's a PROFESSIONAL!! one to be admired..i think she will be a good leader for the UWP...I will give her my 150% support in this!! Bless you Sarah!!


  3. I think some of you are missing the point. I don't think anyone is questioning Chastnet ability. However with him as leader there is too much division within the party which i think will affect the party at the polls. With that division, I'm sure most, if not all of you will agree that the party is going nowhere and in my mind will difinitely loss the election. Sarah coming in will stabilize and unite the party which is what is needed and they have no choice right now if they are to win the votes of the voters. Its not about Chastnet ability or what he has done but about uniting the party.


  4. I'm so tired of hearing this line over and over 'chastanet was worked hard to put the uwp together' ok so let's say he did. Does that give him the right to manipulate the party's constitution to his advantage? This man has dissolved constituency executives and hand picked only his supporters. Is that fair? Is that democracy? That's why he can puff his chest he knows how rigged the process is come November. I have a huge problem with his principles he will play dirty just to win and for that I can't support him next election. Also, what's the big deal that Sarah was Slp, Guy Joseph and Chastanet were labor as well.


  5. Sarah wants to be a LEADER? Hahahahahaha.Sarah Flood is just in politics for the name & money.She will not do anything to better the lives of anyone.She will not even attempt to help out the less fortunate.


    • So my question is, where will she run if she beats Chas? Chas will not want to drop that Micoud seat after spending so much money on it, the Queen of Baldshire may not want to abdicate her throne and have nothing to rule over, Rowrow in the North with Spider antics, we all know about Vieux Fort and Soufriere, the Joseph brothers is another story, King stuck in his chair and Castries Central, yes Castries Central, the place where Sara represented and neglected under SLP so much that it was dubbed "The Flood Drought", may not welcome her back. So that leaves Dominique and Miss Mary Quite Contrary. All the best Sarah.


  6. Sarah's views on social issues are too backward. Leave religion and Sarah out of politics please.


  7. If you consider yourself a die-hard SLP supporter but think Sarah would make a good Prime Minister, upvote this.


  8. If you consider yourself a die-hard SLP supporter but think Sarah would make a good prime minister upvote this comment.


  9. Joe, again I have a lot of problem reading you and the lack of Logic
    in your writing. You come across as the typical Blogger who write
    just about anything without thinking. How long have you known Sarah and her behavior in Cabinet?? was she there when Chastanet first took over from King and
    have fought hard ever since to raise the Party from the brink of extinction. Where
    was she during the last two conventions?? So we have a 'Johnny come lately' and
    some people are jumping for joy?? you just come and you just want to be leader all
    of a sudden? where were you when every body were busting their a** to shape this
    Party into a living, vibrant and viable organization? but it's alive, baby, and every one want to take a ride? come on, do some ground work, don't just rest on your past life,
    it's a new day, let's see what you got, show me and don't dwell on your day dreams.


  10. Now the UWP have a good chance to win the next elections if Sarah runs.
    The UWP paid for a poll that showed them losing to Kenny which is why Chastanet will not publish the poll even though he had admitted it exists.
    From what you hear on the ground even if Chastanet were to win a general elections he is under so much pressure and so many people do not like him that the UWP government would not last long. St. Lucians just do not feel his spirit even if he means well.
    To give us a chance Sarah has to run against Kenny. That is a battle we can win big!


  11. With all these "so called" politicians fighting for Leadership position, I want to know how many of them are willing to work as volunteers. How many of them are willing to give their time and money freely to make a difference in the lives of other? Especially those who are in need. The fact that they are all fighting for power and leadership in a "Soon to be " Paying" position says a lot about them.
    I think before people put themselves up as political leaders and candidates, it should be mandatory that they have as least five (5) years working experience as volunteers with a good record of programs and meaningful project implemented.


    • I concur. Has anyone ever noticed that SLP culture is a bit more aggressive than UWP and not in a good way but in a more voracious desperate manner? Who would you want to affiliate yourselves with? I will only vote for a party that can relate to me can display leadership roles that reflects my beliefs. A few of you wanna be leaders can learn a lot from Mr Obama if you just pay attending and stop thinking about your pockets.


  12. This is it. well the men have been letting us down. It is high time a woman take up the role of SERIOUS leadership. Sarah has been there before, She was kicked out of the SLP Government for standing up for what she believe so she is not a new kid on the block, unlike Chastanet who is still green, so good luck to you Sarah. We have had a woman Governor, we have had a woman Speaker ,now we want a woman Prime Minister surely UWP will get my vote.


  13. Mrs Sarah- Flood Beaubrun has strong contender credentials for party leader due to her wealth of experience as a Minister and ambassador. She and King are no longer rivals but friends. However the convenient alliance might not be enough to convince non- Gros Islet, Castries North East and Central delegates to swing their support away from Chastanet who is uncompromising to the SLP. Things might not change much.


  14. The recurring decimal for all these would-be leaders, past and current of BOTH MAJOR PARTIES, is that neither one, SLP and UWP can claim as having a national vision. This makes for a useful reread. None whatsoever!
    The even bigger pathetic act still is that someone may have interrupted the continuous search to make even more much money out of their political career by reading media postings to develop court cases to claim damages. Cynically, milk the political cow.
    How much time is left to make systematic and logical NATIONAL decisions with such a personal career focus? So busily engaged are they, that they have their foot-soldiers searching for a vision by canvassing public opinion. The critical articles have stopped flowing in a certain media outlet. Did you notice?
    As is the observed pattern, they either seemingly have not read, have not read enough, they do not know, or they have no desire to know how a vision comes along. They have a lot of time to travel, read social media posts, and voice over written speeches. So why waste the public's time?
    Public opinion may shape or modify an existing vision. It is a very deeply personal thing.
    Public opinion does not define it. Read the biographies and autobiographies of great men and women past and present.
    If a vision totally comes from public opinion, it is alien to your very nature. A vision only manifests what is going on inside, from sources of deep conviction, experience and profound reflection, and meaningful self-introspection done over time. Some do it on a mountain top. Some settle fpr a cave. Some sit under a shady tree. So once again, on full frontal display is that recurring circus clowning copy-cat show , back with us again! With it are bundled, unbounded superficiality, echo-chamber hollowness and of course, our remarkable better days.


  15. The last thing you want is a landslide by any party ...LPM, Labour or UWP . When there is a landslide, expect the same old games and corruption. When parties have a slim lead, they tend to work harder because they know they are on the edge of being kicked out by the voters. Remember, a hungry dog hunts best.


  16. with Sarah as party leader politics would have finally someone who you can trust and UWP will win by a landslide victory.


  17. What charade is this now. Is Chastanet behind this - getting Sarah to run so he can look good by beating her?

    Would anyone really vote for Mrs Flood-Beabrun to lead a serious political party in St Lucia (and I don't mean ONE). I find it interesting that none of the serious contenders are challenging Chastanet. I thought King had a chance to make a comeback. Is Sarah just a sacrificial lamb?


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