Flood-Beaubrun against raising children in same-sex couple households: “We should not set children up for failure”

Flood-Beaubrun against raising children in same-sex couple households: “We should not set children up for failure”
Minister Sarah Flood-Beaubrun.* File photo
Minister Sarah Flood-Beaubrun.* File photoarah

Government minister and lawyer Sarah Flood-Beaubrun does not believe same-sex couple households are ideal for raising children.

Flood-Beaubrun, who serves as the minister in the Ministry of Finance, Economic Growth, Job Creation, External Affairs and the Public Service, expressed her views in an interview with reporters today, Dec. 5.

She said the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which she described as the “most signed-up-to-convention on human rights” is “absolutely clear” on her stance.

“It is still the universal convention that is being signed by all the countries of the world… speaks to in Article 16 that men and women are free to marry and to found a family, because the family is a natural environment for the growth and well-being of a child, and, all the studies, all the respected scientific studies, have shown that the best environment for a child to grow up in is with a mother and a father,” she stressed in the interview with HTS and other media.

Flood-Beaubrun, who recently reiterated her stance against decriminalising the buggery and prostitution laws, said St. Lucia needs to give children the “best environment” to grow, strong healthy families, which is what the government promotes.

“Our government spoke about building the family and building society on strong families, and it’s important for us to continue to promote that. If people have a problem with us promoting strong, healthy families, well am sorry, there is no apology that I can make for that,” she emphasised.

The Castries Central MP continued by saying that there are many “good examples” of parents who have faced the challenges of single-parenthood and done an “amazing job with their children and we must continue to support that”.

“We cannot set children up in a system that does not encourage the ideal. If we fall from the ideal then we have to make amends, but we should not set children up for failure. We should set them up in the environment that is healthiest, strongest — and that is where mother and father come together to raise a family.”

She said “two minds” are needed to raise a strong and healthy family.

“Mothers and fathers parent differently. And children need both of the styles of parenting to grow up in a wholesome way, to have their emotional needs met etc, etc. I am not the expert. I am saying what science has shown and I don’t even need science to tell me that. It is the natural order, it is the natural way, and I don’t think we have to be ashamed and scared to promote it. We are not advocating discrimination against any group in particular, we are promoting positive,” she added.

Despite her comments some studies have shown that children raised by same-sex parents do as well as their peers, and that the main threat to same-sex parented children is discrimination.

A comprehensive study published in the Medical Journal of Australia shows children raised in same-sex-parented families do as well as children raised by heterosexual couple parents, according to The Guardian newspaper in an October 2017 article.

The review of three decades of peer-reviewed research by Melbourne Children’s found children raised in same-sex-parented families did as well emotionally, socially and educationally as their peers, the Guardian reported.

“The study’s findings will undercut one of the arguments that have been used by the No campaign: that children need both a mother and a father to flourish,” the report states.


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  1. What a shameless phony is this Flood-Beaubrun woman? Look at her personal history. And look at what she has done for Castries Central. Nothing. Nothing. She hides her lies and her staggering incompetence behind her Bible.
    This is a woman who believes she is better than you and she wants you to know that and pay for it. Wake up, Castries Central. She is not one of us.


  2. A rational person would know that no matter what religion a person follows... or not, the natural order of things among human beings is that parents are a male and a female. No matter what people say and no matter what politicians legislate, nothing will change that. When government gets involved, unfortunately social engineering sometimes becomes the foremost consideration.


  3. I agree 100 percent with minister Flood....to allow same sex partners to raise a family is crazy...this generation is already going astray and to allow this to happen we will all perish....sodom and gomorrhea.....not because society views the bad as good and the good as bad to think it is okay .....no way will that stand im standing next or with the minister......i aint judging no one but thats just not proper.....be fruitful multiply....hve u ever seen two male animals breeding y us humans some of us thinks its cool.....sudden destruction will soon fall on us and plague society......say no to gay and lesbians....who vex boot the wall .....im entitled to my opinion.


  4. @Pos, Where on earth you ever heard of two parents having the same gender? Parents as we know it comprises of a mother and a father, not mother and mother or father and father.


  5. When 2 lesbians conceive a child or 2 gays conceive a child, then yall can raise yall child together. Until then, this is a non story. End off!


  6. Question: Why do gays always point to something bad that "straight" people do to justify their position? Duh!! Because they have acknowledged that being gay is a bad thing too. They could only compare it to bad behavior.


  7. Some of us need to shut the hell up.....hypocrite. So we prefer children growing up in broken homes or foster homes where they're exposed to all sorts of abominable practices.... be it that they're molested or introduced to drugs or abused verbally or physically as oppoed to growing up in a loving home with two parents who have the same parts? So suppose my parents die God forbid, and my sister and I have to raise our younger siblings, what then? Or better yet my sister and I are both gay and our parents are dead and we have to raise our younger siblings then what? Miss me with that shit.... parents sexual orientation isn't what raises a good child and up class citizen.... move on to more umportant issues. Nonsense


  8. yes i agree we not condoning that nastiness. so when you have a same sex couple together with a child what do you think is going to happen? the child will grow up and think that being with the same sex is ok and right to do and he or she now might want to do the same thing if this happens the true meaning of a family is finished two men or two women living together with a child is not no normal family that is a family of satan. now all in all i dont care what gays and lesbians do in their bedroom but we not changing no laws to promote yall batty man and rubbing no sir. MORE FAYAH


  9. The woman is saying what she believes in. Nothing wrong with that. Your belief may be different but that's you. I share her views. It takes a man and a woman to have a child and it should be them to raise that child. There are instances where children are raised by single parents, not through their faults, but they turn out ok. I cannot support same sex raising children and allowing them to believe mommy and mommy had you or daddy and daddy. Cannot happen


  10. Sarah flood is another woman with balls remember when she was against abortion. I say same sex family need a doll to raise not a human. It's so wrong I don't know how they don't see it. No reproduction yet still they doing that satanic thing. Some of them just lazy and nasty. They do it for money lazy ..... Ppl


  11. But she is right. Children brought up there would grow up with warped minds, probably a hidden mental disorder & huge difficulties in being able to tell right from wrong.


  12. when a man can breed a man and a woman can breed a next woman that’s when I will be ok with guys but as for right now unless it doesn’t happen I dislike gays and am 1million % against it


  13. The persons that disliking all the comments we know is bull y'all bulling. Sarah eh mind them you will take heavy fire for your comments and your stance, but always stick by what is right. If you dont like the laws of st lucia then migrate somewhere else


    • New Testament Verse of the Day:
      "Those who speak for themselves want glory only for themselves, but a person who seeks to honor the one who sent him speaks truth, not lies."
      – John 7: 18


  14. I realized a lot of you like to quote the bible...first of all not everyone is a christian and believe in jesus christ....which already made your argument baseless. Secondly, if you decide to quote the bible that's fair however why not mention somewhere in Leviticus that a woman who is on her cycle should be confined and should not be parading in public, with her bloody Mary cocktail streaming down her legs. Please dont start no shyte. Ignorant fools. Y'all heads are stuck to the bible but right after the sermon, you have your legs open wide like a clothes peg for a married man. Or the married man ur head is between her legs eating her like a refugee. .f#### outta here.


    • You such an ignorant fool. People like you are the ones who cry out to Jesus when your life is in danger. You honestly believe 2 men can raise a child or 2 women raise a child. Children need their mother and father, the love a mother and father shows believe me you won’t be able to fathom the depths of it, you fool.


    • Pal....you live in a christian nation, if you don't like the laws based on the christian bible then move somewhere else. Maybe you should go to a muslim country, I hear they accept and love gays there too *wink wink*

      People like to bully christians too much but will never dare to do the same to other religions like Islam. Choops, I would like to see you say what you just said to a Muslim nation....


    • Thank you. Some of us want to take from the bible what we want to take from it and disregard the rest. If you going to stand by the bible bring it all to the table and don't pick out only what applys to you and what you agree with and throw away the rest..... hypocrite!!!!


  15. If same sex couples can raise a family let them make the children together. Why must some body else make children for them. The devil wants to build it's army. The book of wisdom says. So shall a man (Mam) leave his mother (Mother)and father (Father) and cleave unto fish wife ( Wife). What book is same sex reading. The book of foolishness.


    • Shut the hell up!!!!! I hope yall dont fornicate...lie...cheat or steal....adultry too...stop your discrimination....

      what about single parents ?? Isn't that and unconventional household?

      In this day and age you will discriminate when your own bible says love ur neigbour as thyself?

      Why do you people play as though you are without sin...who are you to place your standard as to what a family should be...take care of your own life..and let people live.. Everyone knows that the same sex cant procreate...does that mean they can't raise a child?

      ***Get off your statistical and biblical horse and get someone to fix your eyebrows SARAH**** chewps

      There are more imprortant things to help our society...kids need afterschool programs...why don't you work on bringing YMCA-like services to the island!


      • ok....so because we sin we have to condone sin? How about you shut the hell up? choops

        So because I am a sinner I have to condone all kinds of sin then.
        "Oh yeah! I'm a sinner too, let me condone murder and rape"...says this idiot


      • So what you saying gays don't fornicate, lie, cheat and steal too???? You all just want to have the people 1-0. Have your cake and eat it.


  16. then why don't you speak out against single parent families. It's the same side of the coin. If a mother and father is needed to raise a stable child then a single parent household no matter how they got there should be detrimental to a child like a same sex family.


    • Well, how about you provide a solution for single parent families.......I'll wait for your response.


      • You are missing the point. What is important to you as a society? Providing children with a family that wants to provide for them or allowing children to remain in a system without knowing what belonging feels like. It seems to be that you have no solid argument apart from family is supposed to be a mother and father to raise a child and that is nonsense.

        My mother was a single mother and raised three balanced, educated stable men. She provided and played both roles for her children. So by your argument the fact that there was no father present means that we should be deficient in some way. The same is to be said for children being raised by single fathers.
        What we should be focused on is the quality of the parent not the quantity. Homosexual majority don’t have children so how do you explain child abuse, incest, neglect, turn on your television and you’ll see the issues facing society.
        Homosexuality is the only topic we as a St.Lucian society are so passionate about. We are ready to hold these bibles and wave them as if trying to fill some moral quota.

        Beaubrun is a hypocrite, her ministry is Finance, Economic Growth, Job Creation, External Affairs and Public service yet I have never heard her make any public comment on these specific issues facing St. Lucia. If she is so pro traditional ideologies, holding a bible in the photo ask her to explain why she’s not her husband’s first wife. That is also in the bible.


        • Thank you Queen Mother Sarah. The most recent case in California's same sex White female marriage of the women killing themselves and 6 Black Children driving vehicle off cliff should be the Case The World Use To Take A Deeper Look!!


  17. Hi 5 minister Flood Beaubrun. Hats off. Our youth are so confused already. Why kill a generation that's struggling to stay afloat. The carnal man does not understand the things if the spirit. Same sex raising kids is degrading family. This is only paving the way for Satan, Lucifer, the devil. He needs company to go to hell to burn.


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