Flood-Beaubrun said SLP gov’t has not delivered, responsibe for increasing unemployment

Flood-Beaubrun said SLP gov’t has not delivered, responsibe for increasing unemployment
One of the anti-SLP memes in circulation. Flood-Beaubrun said the St. Lucia Labour Party Administration, led by Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony (in photo), has not delivered.

Newcomer to the United Workers Party (UWP) leadership race Sarah Flood-Beaubrun has said the UWP is the best party to govern Saint Lucia at this time because the ruling Saint Labour Party (SLP) Administration of which she was previously a member, has failed to deliver a better life for Saint Lucians.

Sarah Flood-Beaubrun
Sarah Flood-Beaubrun

Speaking to St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in an interview earlier this week, the former government minister said the SLP Administration’s performance has been marked by “increasing unemployment, escalating crime, general despair and hopelessness and unacceptable levels of poverty”.

“The Labour Party has not delivered,” Flood-Beabrun said.

However, she said in order to do better, a new UWP government will need to be “different”.

“Leaders will need to model the behaviour which they expect of others – at all levels. Only then will citizens trust us, and believe in our leadership. Then we can truly work together to rebuild our nation,” she said.

Flood-Beaubrun was on Sunday nominated to challenge current leader Allen Chastanet for the post of political leader at the party’s National Convention on November 15.

Currently, the party’s image has been stained by issues of infighting that make headlines ever so often.

When asked if she believes she has what it takes to unite the party if elected political leader, Flood-Beabrun said: “I will do my best to work with all members so that we can put our differences aside and focus on the important task ahead. We have one common united purpose – to win the next general elections.”

Asked if nomination for political leader is an indication that she’s not satisfied with the current leadership of the party, particularly Chastanet, the former United Nations representative replied: “I believe that my leadership style will foster greater unity and encourage broader participation of members as we prepare for general elections.”

If elected leader of the UWP, Flood-Beabrun said her main goals and objectives are to prepare the party for general elections and prepare for government.

“Our number one priority in government will be to address unemployment. Being unemployed means being unable to meet basic needs. It is a threat to survival and life itself.

“People must be able to use their God-given talents to earn a living, feed their families, and to prosper. All people who are able, and willing to work, should be able to find work. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure that there is a healthy environment for sustained economic growth.”

She further stated that the UWP will develop “an honest, capable, hardworking, and people-centred team of men and women who will articulate a vision for Saint Lucia, to be implemented when we get into government”.

Flood-Beaubrun accepted the nomination for the post of political leader on Sunday, Oct. 18 at the party 39th Conference of Delegates meeting in Ti Rocher, Micoud today (Oct. 18) where nominations were accepted for the November 15 National Convention.

At the Convention, a new national executive will be elected.

A lawyer by profession, Flood-Beaubrun is a former United Nations representative under the last UWP Administration. She served as Minister of Health, Human Services, Family Affairs and Gender Relations in the SLP administration during the first term and during the second term as Minister of Home Affairs and Gender Relations.

Following the General Election in December 2006, Flood-Beaubrun was selected as St. Lucia’s first female Speaker of the House of Assembly on January 9, 2007. Flood-Beaubrun, in September 2008, was subsequently appointed Deputy Permanent Representative for St. Lucia at the United Nations in New York.




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  1. Investors are a canny lot. They do not throw away their money. We need them desperately in the future to create jobs.
    They would rather have an incompetent Kenny who is fully supported by his party than an Allan who has had nothing but division , is not accepted by the people and is unstable. That is how the world works.
    With the UWP united behind Sarah we would have the stability and good karma as a society to attract the largest amount of investment to give our youth a chance to find work.
    Can you imagine St Lucia with the level of aggression on display by people like Guy Joseph ? St. Lucia would have no investments and 0 job creation as investors keep away from instability!
    Chastanet is a bad dream we must wake up from.


  2. I have a simple question to all of you out here. Why do you think that UWP lost the last elections? I will use this as a starting point for my thesis.


  3. Ever observe how these people go away for years and when they comeback they figure they are the "great messiah" and deserve to be Prime Minister. They are so out of touch with our grim reality in St Lucia. They send their kids away. They invest overseas. They use our tax payer dollars to work in some comfy diplomat position that is basically a Yes man to every foreign interest offering them a dollar. The minute they are voted out of office they escape StLucia to get some job overseas. They complain about no jobs in St Lucia yet as a private citizens don't even contribute to our economic growth or help the poor in anyway. I'm not hating on you having the ability to get employed overseas. I just don't understand why do we have to pay your salary in order for you to help the nation?


    • Where did that chap emerge from before the SLP-Sans Honte-Peep Coronation? And what a marriage! Well my dear, mate was there in Guyana pushing paper in a glorified civil servant style. They have it that he is courting some to give him another sinecure in the CCJ. Meanwhile, over the years unparalleled incompetence has seen the future of the country mortgaged as one piece of squandamania borrow, tax and spend follows another, after another, and another. What we know of stretches from Frenwell, Black Bay, and Grynburg. Those who drink regularly the SLP Kool Aide call these the 'better days'.


  4. I can't believe that Sarah Flood is contesting the UWP leadership at this time. This is absurd and her chances of winning is highly unrealistic. This is just creating further division of the party. How many times must Allen win the nomination to prove that he is indeed the leader of the party. I think it is time for everyone to concede and accept the fact that Allen is the leader of the party and stop all this nonsense. This clearly shows that Sarah Flood has absolutely no respect for democracy, she is not authentic and is not interested in the ultimate goal of ousting or rather removing Kenny Anthony out of office. Sarah should go back and Join the Labor Party. We do not need and individual like that in the UWP Party.


  5. Truth I agree with you but tell me one thing. Who are we bringing in. Chasnet to nail the damn coffin?


  6. Labour fail period why can't you all hacks accept that no Jobs increase taxes Increase in the crime rate poor health care wastage of limited resources so much more to add to the list .People are hurting


    • Truth, I ask you the question, are you not a hack too? Is this word "HACK" synonymous with an SLP supporter? I think not! Because sir/maam, you are a supporter of the UWP and using your judgement . . . you are a hack also.


  7. She is a swinger. Swinging from one party to the other. Slp will be great again if she swings back, really. How are we taking these self serving politicians seriously? Neither party can improve the lives of Lucians because they have no long term workable plan. You cannot run the country like L.I.A.T.


  8. Now that is a woman who means business!

    That is the same no nonsense attitude and approach that made her the best Minister of Health in our history. She loves her people!

    Let the UWPs stop the internal divisions.
    Allan's own poll showed him losing to Kenny in an elections. He is just too toxic within the UWP and the general electorate simply do not want him. His spirit is just not with the people.

    With Sarah there are endless SLPs who will quietly vote for the UWP because Kenny has never created jobs and has divided the country. He has always been about his power, pay and pension just like those who have become millionaires around him.

    The choice is so simple: Sarah and a landslide UWP victory like in the days of Sir John Compton or Allan and 5 more desperate years with Kenny and Tony.


    • Another case of one eye and half a tongue. Sounds like UWP was the perfect party back when they were in power, they had no over night millionaires, no greed and delivered on their promises; so now i ask, why are they in opposition?. You know why? because they never delivered on anything that was stated in their manifesto, a manifesto that was created and endorsed by Sir. John himself, but also what happened to the 900 million that King borrowed from the world bank? They never used the money to honor Sir John's vision nor upgrade the country, sounds like the perfect government to me. But wait where was Sara Flood during all of this? Where was she to blow the whistle or protest to ensure that the party honored these promises? Oh yea she was too pre-occupied as speaker of the house and ambassador to the UN, but you know if it was Mrs. Heraldine Rock she would keep them miserable till they kick her out or give in, but maybe Sara was too snug to be bothered.


  9. This guy is directly responsible for St Lucia being the country which has the 5th slowest growing economy in the world.


  10. It is high time that Saint Lucians dump the idea of electing one party as opposed to another to govern. We must be able to threaten, with political suicide if the PMs do not perform.
    This will not happen under the current system, when their yardfowls have too much to lose too much if they do not keep their current party boss.
    The stench of corruption the embarrassing waste of borrowing and spending will continue, the rest of the country will suffer as we are now, but they will benefit from all that is going on. They will defend that with their last breathe.
    When will it ever occur to us that it is past the time of selecting just one party as opposed to the other party as the next government. When that is done both parties fail us. Both parties have failed. UWP is not better than SLP. Neither is SLP better than UWP. There scoundrels, idiots, morons and misfits in both groups.
    Each has given this country lots of very questionable characters as representatives of this country either as moral failures totally and incompetent but highly credentialed morons. We have in politics past and present been served up groups and a series of square pegs in round holes like the ones in Saint Lucia today. They can do one thing well, which is to win their seats. Then they betrays us with the ones they make deals with for cabinet posts and contracts to friends and family.
    Up to today and up to this minute, the people are still constantly being bamboozled with educated and non-educated jokers who go through the motions and deliver precious little of value.
    I totally disagree with Ms.Beaubrun. We need capable individuals, not people with titles that go around the place talking about their degrees that they cannot make money with in the outside world or the private sector.
    More than that they are capital failures when put to the test in there with fields of education qualifications and degrees. Look around. Take a good look around. What do you see?
    To me if Saint Lucians will take the time to select people to represent them based on performance, on-the-job, in past jobs, past ministries and so on, we wiil not be fooled into voting for so many square pegs in round holes. We would have fewer misfits, ex-cons, liars, and novices who have much to offer the country other than loads of hot air.
    Even from a constitutional point of view the mother country has survived like other countries in Europe governance with coalitions. There is a lot to be said in selecting people over party.
    It is high time to get past the curse of mediocrity that is offered and re-packaged by the two main political parties. It's time for a coalition of our best brains to take us from the morass and miasma of poverty that past one-sided governments especially this SLP regime has placed us in today. Say goodbye to its better days.


    • So, my friend, if not elective government then what do you propose? Communism, Socialism (as practiced in the 70s and 80s)? I wish to inform you that no form of government (elected or otherwise) are without its share of grabbers. I am referring to men and women who are there only to fill their pockets. If you can show me one then I will retract.

      What I think we need today are men and women with integrity to lead:

      a. Not afraid to let the population know when time are good and when times are bad
      b. Not afraid to let the population know when tough decisions need to be made and acted upon
      c. Not pandering to the majority just to ensure votes are in the bag
      d. Not afraid to go it alone (even if the majority says no) for the benefit of the country
      e. Be available as much as possible
      f. Always speaking the truth
      g. Ensures the needs of the "underclass" are met
      h. Willing to listen to all

      Can anyone identify a person (in our local politics or outside) that fits these characteristics? If you can, please share.


      • You have not read enough, and do not understand English nor politics. If people vote dummy, does that not mean that they are elected? If they are elected, does that not mean that there was ELECTive politics? If you would remove your head from wherever it was, and sometimes let it do much more of your decisions, perhaps you might wake up to understand that recent elections in Greece was as a result of coalition partners not agreeing with their then PM. Saint Lucian country bookies have no truths about life, except what the liars in their own parties tell them.


        • My friend you have not read my post. I was responding to Douglas' post in which he is suggesting that there is some political system/party that are without corrupt or self-serving politicians. I simply indicating that this does not exist (has never and will never exist).

          If you take the time to read Douglas' post and my response then you would be ashamed of your input. At least I hope.

          And by the way, resorting to name calling will not make you any smarter or give you any more insight than the typical UWP supporter. LoL.


    • I agree. Those who are sick and tired of the shooting-shate "better days", because some are members of en rouge, must begin with great courage and deep conviction say instead, "we, the people".
      I agree 100%. Why? It is time to get those clowns to commit real political suicide when they waste taxpayers money, yet we hold the bag to repay with higher taxes, and deprivation of needed service. Yet they are always out there going on junkets all around the world, making extra money making idle speeches, and leaving the real business of the people of Saint Lucia untouched. Let them understand what political suicide really is. Retire them. They already have given themselves very fat monthly pensions that most of us cannot never get in one year! Put these jokers in both parties out to pasture. SINCE THEY DO NOT HAVE NY KIND OF GOOD SENSE TO REPLACE THEIR FAILING LEADERS, PUT THE ENTIRE PARTY OUT OF BUSINESS!
      Anybody but SLP 17-0!


  11. I am happy that flood is in the race for leadership hope she wins cause now st Luciana will have a choice at the ballots cause charmer and Kenny are basically the same arrogant and oppressive not to mention greedy. The only difference is the party they represent one red one yellow


  12. i believe there is a high employment issue in our country but the government not producing jobs isnt the only factor, there are people who have god given talents and they dont utilise it in the right way and there are also people who dont work unless they get that specific type of job for example lets say security guards or pump attendants are needed or maybe a cashier or bagger at super j you will find people saying "me i dont want that job i dont want to do that" and then you will find those very same ones not taking the job and then they complain there is no work, i dont think there is much work either but the thing is we want to do specific types of jobs and not go after what is actually open right now


    • Now lets not forget about those who just don't want to work period and those who can't work because of their lack of skills or bad reputation. Unemployment is just used for cheap political mileage, just like agriculture was back in the day. Farmers do their crap and every one blames the government, today young people don't want to work or are selective about jobs and the government is to blame the same way.


      • If politician want to make the big decisions , they have to put on those big boy pants because it comes with the territory . So if the going to [email protected]#$% and cry about unfair Critism, they should stay their ass away from politics , stop making excuses for politicians. I refuse to congratulate politicians when they do their jobs. The gloves are off those selfless bastards. (Red and yellow )


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